How to Prepare Before Your Tooth Extraction Appointment

Tooth Extraction Appointment

Sometimes tooth extraction becomes necessary even if your teeth are designed to be durable. Ernest Tchoi, DMD, of Manhattan Dental Design is a tooth extraction specialist who can help you know if it is time to extract your troublesome tooth. If you are a candidate, the effectiveness of your treatment procedure will rely on several factors, including how you prepare for the process. However, it can make your procedure less painful and allow you to heal quickly. Here are several ways you can increase the effectiveness of your extraction procedure.

Provide a Complete Medical History

During your consultation appointment, your provider will ask you about your medical history and your family history. This is essential in understanding if you are under any medications which can complicate your treatment or you are allergic to anything necessary for the procedure. Therefore, it would help if you provide accurate information about your health and medications. In addition, if you have any issues relating to your blood or heart, let your provider know.

Go for an X-ray

It is essential to have x-rays take on the affected area to give detailed information about your condition and the treatment area. This information is critical in helping your provider formulate the best plan to address your unique needs. Sometimes, mainly when extracting impacted wisdom teeth, some delicate work around the jaw may be required. Your provider can, at this time, recommend a panoramic X-ray that provides details for all your teeth.

Arrange Transportation

Depending on the severity of your condition and the extent of your treatment, you might require someone to drive you. For example, you might be in severe pain when going for the treatment or not be fully conscious when getting out of your treatment. All these severely impair your ability to drive. You can ask a friend or a family member to drive you and, if possible, someone who can stay with you after treatment.

Fast Before Treatment

You will be out during your tooth extraction, and the contents of your stomach may be inhaled into your lungs. Therefore, you will likely have to fast the night before your appointment to reduce this risk. Generally, it is advisable to fast about 8-12 hours before the procedure. However, you can ask your provider about it during your consultation. But if you have diabetes or take prescribed medications, you might want to verify with your provider as well.

Take Any Antibiotics

Sometimes your provider can prescribe antibiotics before your treatment, depending on your immunity. You might also have an infection when your time has come for treatment, and antibiotics can be recommended. It is good to talk to your provider if you experience complications before your procedure, as it may be necessary to reschedule the appointment until you get better.

Know What to Expect

It is essential to research tooth extraction procedures and consult your provider before your treatment to understand what you can expect. This will help manage your anxiety and worries, mainly if you are nervous about seeking dental procedures. Also, arrive early for your treatment as it will help you get comfortable and relaxed before your process begins.

If you have a troublesome tooth that is lowering the quality of your life, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tchoi. During your consultation, Dr. Tchoi will help you understand if extraction can benefit you and help you know how you can prepare for the same.

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