High Quality and Comprehensive Care for Kidney Health

Kidney Health

Kidneys are vital parts of our body; they filter waste products, regulates blood pressure, balances body fluids, and produces urine. Factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and genetics are among the significant causes of kidney problems. Other factors, including smoking, obesity, and heart disease, increase the disease’s risk. Healthy lifestyles, including nutritious diets and exercise, can help prevent the disease and maintain it. Kidney disease affects many individuals and has a high fatality rate. However, it has effective treatment with successful recovery cases. Under the leadership of Ghayyath Sultan, M.D. Houston Kidney Specialists Center specializes in providing its patients with efficient care and solutions to kidney health problems.

Houston Kidney Specialists Center takes pride in serving patients around the greater Houston area with quality nephrology services since 2019. With four locations, the practice offers convenient care through advanced diagnostic testing and treatment plans. The team is highly dedicated and consists of board-certified nephrologists that strive to provide comprehensive care to their patients. They work with individual patients to provide personalized treatment plans that meet every patient’s needs. They offer professional diagnostic services to achieve an accurate diagnosis. They use test results to monitor the progression of disease and design effective customized plans.

They are highly experienced and skilled in treating various kidney problems and complications that arise from them. They treat different conditions, including kidney disease, kidney failure, vasculitis, hypertension, kidney stones, lupus, and edema. Their treatments start with proper evaluations and refer patients to other specialists if they need more complex procedures and surgeries. They recommend dietary changes, supplements, and medications alongside their treatment plans to treat kidney complications effectively. They also offer hemodialysis and kidney transplant services. They are caring and compassionate and treat patients as part of their family.

They offer services such as:

Chronic kidney disease

Kidney disease causes damage to your kidneys, resulting in a waste build up in the body. The nephrology specialists at Houston Kidney Specialists Center specializes in diagnosing and managing acute and chronic kidney disease. Visit them today for effective treatments to improve your health and life quality as a whole.

Kidney transplant

The experienced team at Houston Kidney Specialists offers effective kidney transplant surgeries. They provide comprehensive care during and after a kidney transplant. Call today or book online to schedule for a transplant.

Kidney health is essential for proper blood regulation and waste removal from the body. Healthy and nutritious diets, exercises, and healthy lifestyles can help prevent the disease and lower its risk. Houston Kidney Specialists Center specializes in providing comprehensive and compassionate care for kidney problems to help people live healthy lives. The practice with four convenient locations in Cypress and Houston excels in serving quality care to patients since 2019. They value and respect their patients’ health concerns and strive to meet them. They use advanced technology to offer accurate diagnostic and effective treatment plans. They are caring and treat patients as part of their family. They provide comprehensive care for various conditions, including kidney disease, hypertension, and kidney stones. They are highly experienced and are dedicated to offering the best care available. Visit them in your preferred location to get your kidney’s health back.

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