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Are you struggling with infertility or any infertility-related issues? Memorial women’s center is the place to cater to your problems. Statistics show that around 6 million women in America struggle with infertility. Infertility does not mean you cannot get a baby in the future, but you can still get a baby if you follow the root and source of the disorder. Welcome to the Houston Infertility resolving center where your disorder will be well taken care of. With experienced staff available, quality services are ensured at a small fee. Apart from infertility, memorial women offer the following services; gynecology, endometriosis, pregnancy, birth control, prenatal care, menopause, colposcopy, fibroids, birth control, and pelvic pain.


Gynecology is a field of medicine dealing with a woman’s reproductive system. All females need gynecology care, which should begin on the onset of monthly menses and should last through menopause and beyond. Gynecological conditions that affect women include; fibroids, menopause, vaginal infections, premenstrual syndrome, incontinence, abnormal bleeding, and endometriosis. It would be best if you practiced Gynecology care annually.


Fibroids are growths in the uterus, which generally develop during childbearing years. This scenario means women in the menopause stages are not at any risk of getting fibroids. Fibroids come in different sizes; some fibroids are tiny to a case where the naked eye cannot see them. In some instances, the fibroid is large to the extent it distorts the uterus. Symptoms of fibroids are frequent urination, backaches, pain in the legs, heavy bleeding during menstruation, and feeling of pressure or pain in the pelvic region of the body.

Birth control

Birth control is a method women use to control getting pregnant. Substances used to prevent pregnancy include; condoms and medication from the doctor. There are several types of birth control: short-term hormonal control, barrier method, contraceptives that are long-acting but reversible, and sterilization. Contraceptives come in different styles, namely IUDs, and birth control implants.


Menopause is the transition of women from their childbearing years to a year where they cannot bear a child. Menopause occurs in the age between 45 and 55. Symptoms of menopause include; bladder control problems, irritability, sleep disruption, depression, anxiety, mood swings, abrupt changes, vaginal dryness, and muscle aches. Supplements can help in hormonal balancing.

Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is due to ovulation or menstruation, which usually occurs per month but pelvic pain which shows up regularly needs a doctor’s evaluation. It shows up during the urination process or when having sex. Pelvic pain accompanied by irregular discharge, fever, diarrhea, bloating, and blood spot on urine should be taken to the specialist as it indicates the urinary system’s damaged. Pelvic pain is caused by ovarian cysts, miscarriage, endometriosis, and fibroids.


Staff at the clinic takes care of the pregnancy at all stages. They offer the following services to pregnant women; pregnancy test, ultrasound, prenatal care, nutrition counseling, and blood glucose testing. A prenatal exam should be scheduled when the client feels she is pregnant. During a prenatal exam, the doctor reviews all the personal details and medical history if there was a complication in previous pregnancies.

If you are suffering from the above disorders, you should seek medication in the Memorial Women’s Center where they have experienced staff to tackle your problem. They offer high-quality services at a lower cost. You can book an online appointment to see the doctor. Memorial women’s obstetrics and gynecology are located in Memorial City, Houston, Texas.

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