Facts You May Not Know About Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

People say that a smile is your most important accessory. If you feel conscious about smiling in public, you may want to consider getting medical treatment. Dentists offer various cosmetic options to help strengthen your teeth and restore your lost confidence. Book an appointment online with a Temecula veneers specialist for customized treatment. Veneers are composite resins that resemble your tooth’s structure and color to appear as natural as possible. Here are facts to know about veneers:

They Are a Permanent Solution

You have to be sure that you want veneers before the sessions. During the procedure, the dentist reduces your natural tooth by about 0.5 mm to create space necessary for veneer placement. Because of this, the procedure is irreversible. Also, there is no need to worry about the slight reduction as it is totally safe.

You Do Not Require an Anesthetic During Installation

There are cases such as anxious patients where the doctor will require the use of an anesthetic. Oversensitive people also require an anesthetic. However, for most people it is unnecessary to use anesthetic.

Veneers Take About a Week To Make

During the initial session, the dentist assesses your need and captures the shape of your specific tooth or teeth needing veneers. After this session, it can take a minimum of one week to make a porcelain veneer that imitates the exact structure of your tooth. The designing phase is carried out inside a laboratory to ensure the perfect fit.

You May Experience Some Sensitivity

After a successful installation procedure of veneers, you should not be too concerned if you experience sensitivity when drinking hot and cold beverages. This is because the dentist removed a slight portion of the tooth to create a space for the veneer. Luckily, this is short-lived and should go away with time.

Installation Can Take Quite Some Time

The session when the doctor installs the customized veneer can take a while, even lasting for a few hours. This is because the dentist needs to carefully place the veneer using a light-sensitive resin. They will then harden it using white light. After this, the veneers will be tightly bonded to the tooth.

They Are Durable and Hard

People have been concerned about whether the veneers can withstand impacts after placement. The patient should feel safe to do all their normal activities such as eating, talking, brushing, and flossing after the procedure is complete. Porcelain veneers are strong to resist the force of various diets.

Do Not Bite Nuts with Veneers

Veneers can withstand the impact and force of any diet because they are very strong. However, even though there is no limit to what they can handle, you should not be careless. Porcelain is a glass that is brittle when exposed to extreme force, like chewing nuts. Therefore, it would be best to limit biting hard things like nuts, bones, hard candy, etc.

Veneers are a great cosmetic tooth procedure that also addresses stained, crooked, or cracked teeth. Additionally, veneers can be used to change the size of teeth in cases where some are short. Therefore, there is nothing that can keep you from smiling with confidence. Book an appointment online today with Sunshine Dental Inc. to restore tooth functionality and dental appearance.

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