or female, having period is a normal event but some people may hate it because of the pain bought by period. I am not talking about things in general as not all female have to face this problem. But those who have this problem would have a hard time during period. What can they do? They can eat egg yolk as egg yolk can relieve the pain bought by period!

In United Kingdom, nearly one tenth of their population have the problem of having slow pain, especially for female. According to the nutritionists in Singapore, fishes, egg yolk and man made butter are full of Vitamin D and female have to absorb 75-99 mg per liter of vitamin D so as to ensure the good growth of their bones or else their bone quality cannot be guaranteed and that would cause many health problems and it can also relieve the pain bought by period and they just do not have to have such a great pain anymore, at least it would not be such a great pain anymore.

According to many researches, egg yolk contain many valuable Vitamin D and we cannot find it in egg white so that if you want to absorb Vitamin D, eating egg yolk is a good choice as it can greatly help you to absorb Vitamin D and it is good for human’s health, especially for female.

Everything has its bad sides, including eating egg yolk. As we know that egg yolk is full of nutrition, not only valuable Vitamin D. For those female who are feeding babies, they should not eat more than one egg yolk a day as that may cause many health problem. One of the major problem is that it can provide lots of cholesterol to us. So what is the quantity? Well, let me explain it here. Eating one egg yolk implies that you can fulfill two third of your daily need and the maximum uptake of cholesterol. You know what I mean, right? Yes, if you eat more than one and a half egg yolk, you should not absorb any cholesterol anymore at that day, but can you do so? No, right? So I just do not recommend anybody to eat too many egg yolks, especially female. Although you may say that it can relieve the pain bought by period, is it good to have other health problems which is more serious? No, right?

So how can you eat egg yolk so that it can have a better function? You can simply boil it and it is ready for you! But remember, this is not a permanent solution as we just do not know that what causes the pain. We do not know if there is any other hidden reasons. So I advice you to visit a doctor and ask for his professional advice too!

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