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new hair style

Each decade has brought along new hairstyle trends that become ultra popular almost overnight. If we see a new hairstyle on a popular celebrity, for example, hair salons are suddenly inundated with people trying to get the same hair style. Manufacturers tailor hair products to the popular hairstyle at the moment. If a sleek, smooth hairstyle becomes popular, for example, there is no question that an outpouring of hair products helping you achieve that hairstyle will soon follow.

It is remarkable how hairstyles help define an era of a culture. Ask a baby boomer about the fifties and they are likely to mention the hairstyle of that time. Jackie Kennedy’s French hairstyle was one of the most remembered features of that decade, and is more likely to be recalled over some other more important social affairs of the time.
It is no question that hairstyles are made popular by individuals in the public eye such as celebrities or other figures who are perpetuated in the media. Even the most off-beat hairstyles, styles that commoners would never attempt on their own, are given a new appeal when they see their favorite public figure wearing it confidently. Demi Moore, for example, made the short boys cut hairstyle one of the most sought after hairstyles in the United States during the nineties. During that same decade Jennifer Aniston’s bob-style haircut had women rushing to the salon to get the same cut. Rihanna in our current decade has popularized the wildly colored hairstyle, inspiring teens and ‘tweens to defy their parents and color their hair.

But what is it about hairstyles on public figures that allow us to abandon our preconceived tastes for a hairstyle we would have not attempted otherwise? Is it because we don’t have a true sense of self and are looking to be like someone we admire? Is it because we believe a celebrity’s hairstyle will make us look like the celebrity herself? Or is it because we are desperate for a dramatic change and we choose something that we know society won’t balk at?
It may be one of these reasons or a combination of each. One thing is certain: hairstyle trends will continue to define us, to define our culture and to help write a piece of history for every era of every culture and society in the world.
So are you someone looking for a new hairstyle to fit with the current decade? Here are the top three most popular hairstyles of our time.

1. David Beckham’s hairstyle is popular for its lift and height. The top layers are left long to be styled with sculpting hair products, while the sides remain short. The hairstyle is perfect for men with thick, strong hair.

2. Carrie Underwood’s layered hairstyle gives beautiful waves and great movement to a longer hairstyle. This layered look is easy to manage if you have hot rollers, a curling iron and some flexible hold hairspray hair products as well as 30 minutes to devote to it.

3. Halle Berry’s hairstyle is the definition of simple, sexy and sheik. Her layers are jagged and short and are finished off with sculpting hair products, all giving it the perfect texture and height. Miss Berry’s hairstyle is for those who are looking for a dramatic, easy to manage cut that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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