Correcting Your Nose And Ears Can Completely Change Your Looks


There are quite a lot of surgeries that are very popular and well known among all folk, such as breast enhancement via implants and augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucking, and other procedures, however, people are often surprised just how big of a result some minor procedures like rhinoplasty and otoplasty can have on a person.


The surgical procedure that revolves around the nose is often referred to as a nose job, and professionally it is known as rhinoplasty. While this procedure is mostly done for cosmetic reasons these days, it is one of those plastic surgeries that also has medical functions as well.

It is not rare for someone to undergo this procedure because they want to correct their breathing problems, or because they want to handle some birth defects which can cause various physiological and psychological problems.


When person decides to undergo rhinoplasty surgery according to Dr Hodgkinson it is very important to consult with a surgeon about the possible results. Thanks to some modern technologies, you will no longer have to “pick a nose” from a catalogue while looking at another person and just wait until the procedure is over to see how it looks on you, but instead, you will be able to see changes in real time.

You can easily “browse through” noses on a computer, and they will be edited onto your face in real time in special software that is used by the surgeon. It is very important to go through multiple noses, because if something looks good on one person, it will not necessarily look good on another person.

Rhinoplasty is done as an outpatient procedure, which means that you will not have to stay overnight in the hospital where the staff is going to keep your health in check, as it is a procedure with very little risk. When it comes to anesthesia, it can be both general and local, depending on the surgeon, as well as the patient.

Minor changes can improve the looks quite a lot


Just like rhinoplasty is referred to as a nose job, otoplasty is also referred to as an ear job as it is a surgical procedure that revolves around the ears. This procedure is often done as a cosmetic procedure where people simply want to get rid of the strange ears that they are born with.

Some people decide to remove the large ear lobes, the protruding ears, and in some cases, people go to the extremes to remove them completely. You can find a lot of information about this procedure at or you can consult with a local professional.

Otoplasty brings great results

Final Word

Minor changes on one’s body can have a very big impact on one’s looks, especially if the other features make them more beautiful by nature. It is important to undergo these cosmetic procedures under your own will, as you should not change your looks just because someone tells you to do so.

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