Celebrity treatments for stress management

stress management

The life of celebrities can be quite different from the ordinary lives of the people. Famous people are constantly being exposed and asked to make public appearances; and they always travel from one side of the world to the other. It might sound like the ideal life to some but the reality is that this constant level of exposure brings in a lot of stress. This is why famous people are often seen searching for alternatives stress relief that modern medicine cannot bring onto their table. Let’s take a look at those different ways to relieve pain and stress.

Herbal vs pharmaceutical

Herbal medicine is a big part of traditional medicine, also known as alternative medicine. Many herbs have properties that will help the body and mind heal. CBD-rich hemp for example is known as a relaxing plant, with other potentials to heal. Other examples include simple plants such as Chamomile; which can make a great cup of tea and help with sleeping and relaxation. Many of those plants can be found in pharmaceutical forms; but they are often processed and cut with unwanted agents. As celebrities tend to follow well-being trends; it is understandable that they try to move away from chemicals in the favour of natural products.

Qi treatment

This energy based treatment has been growing in popularity amongst influential and famous people, and there is a reason for that. Qi practitioners like master Oh can help people by rebalancing the energies around them; eliminating all the negativity and creating a positive environment for celebrities to live and work in. The Master Oh blog has a lot of information about this newly emerging treatment, and his Facebook page also helps giving us insights on how it all works. Energy healing is now more common, and we hope to see more treatments like this which focuse away from the traditional outlook we have on healing.

Personal masseurs

Being sat down in the 1st class section of planes might sound like a dream to some, but the truth is that doing it constantly still hurts your back and your circulation. Because celebrities spend more hours than normal people in transport, it is important that they look after their bodies. Having a personal masseur and chiropractor that follows them when they go on tour is sometimes the only solution to getting the right massages on the go.

Transcendental meditation

Famous people are prone to anxiety, tension, sorrow and depression; maybe more than people with other jobs. Whether it is due to method-acting practices or even the loneliness brought on by long months of work away from their family, this type of meditation is known to be practiced by celebrities across the world. The truth behind being a celebrity is that it is not always the happy life people think. Just because they are successful doesn’t mean they are happy; and transcendental meditation can really help then to find the path to happiness.

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