Best Way to Clean Your Teeth

Clean Your Teeth

The best way to clean your teeth is to use electric toothbrush rather than using a manual toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is made with a battery. The tooth scrubber head moves forth up and back 7000 times a minute. A usage of this electric toothbrush is called a good oral hygiene. A user of the electric toothbrush no needs to go to the dentist very often to clean the teeth. The main interest is to keep the tooth clean. The cleaner the tooth are, the more it will last. Once the adult tooth is gone, they are gone forever, So proper care is very important to make it last longer.

The few important parts of the electric toothbrush are like:

Removable Brush: it does all the important works like cleaning. It rotates up and down to clean the entire part of teeth.

Cam And Gear: a Most interesting part old toothbrush. It changes the high-speed spinning into reciprocating motion. This will lead to back and front rotation of the brush. This makes the best cleaning of the teeth to make it last very long.

Rechargeable Battery: That cam and gear are related to a rechargeable battery with a simple electric circuit.

Most importantly this product is a rust free product because each and every product is covered with plastic with will help to keep the water aside.


More intense cleaning power: This toothbrush provides near about 7000 rotations in a minute. Where the manual brush provides 600 to 700 rotation. More the rotation number more the cleaning power.

Timer: Timer is there in the toothbrush. According to the doctors, two minutes brushing is very important. But with the usages of manual brush time lose its track. So it is better to use this electric toothbrush for a better result.

Modes: In these electric toothbrushes different modes are available depending on the need of the customer like daily clean, deep clean, sensitive, etc. So the customer can adjust the usages of the toothbrush accordingly.

Every individual is passionate about healthy and pearly teeth. An electric toothbrush can only fulfill this dream of a customer. There are many products available in the market. But some of the best electric toothbrush reviews are:

  • Oral B Pro 3000: This is one of the best products. The handle of the toothbrush is very comfortable, it penetrates to the middle of two teeth and is very famous for tooth whiter.
  • Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean: This is one of the most stylish electric toothbrushes. It has one sensor that will give reminder each after 30 seconds to indicate the place change signal. It is available in two most beautiful color one is pink other one is amethyst. It’s very powerful, and the gripping is also very comfortable.
  • Colgate ProClinical A1500 Expert: This provides a multi-directional cleaning with a different. This one is very gentle in the case of sensitive tooth and works quietly. It is very easy to recharge.

These are the top three electric toothbrushes which are available in the market. These are very effective useful, and a must have in the bathroom.

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