Are children born with kneecaps

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This is a question that is asked by many would-be parents, who are eager to be mentally prepared and well educated on how to bring their children safely into this world. This question can be quite confusing to many, since what may sound just to be another simple question, might turn out to be something tough and requiring in-depth research and knowledge. Lack of definite answer entirely depends upon how the kneecap is defined.

About kneecaps

Adults have kneecaps which are also known as the patella. It is rather type of circular bone structure that can be found at the front of the femur’s bottom end, which is actually the thigh region’s long bone. It is a tendon that connects the kneecap to the muscle just before the thigh as well as to the lower leg’s tibia bone with a ligament. Patella’s main purpose is to ensure knee extension of the average person. At the same time, it also successfully increases the leverage, such that the thigh muscle tendon can now better exert on the femur. This helps the leg to function much better. It can also be stated that the patella is sesamoid bone. It effectively means that the bone is embedded properly in the muscle or the tendon.

What is meant by baby knee caps?

It is necessary for every would-be parent to know about the same. The baby is provided with a patella, right from birth. However, it is created from cartilage and not of bone like that of the adults. This cartilage piece in the baby’s knee is likely to convert into bone over time. This process is known as ossification. According to the medical experts, all bones within the human body is said to be made of cartilage and just before birth, it gets converted slowly into bones. A cartilage piece is the patella which transforms into a bone only after birth.

More about baby kneecaps

Human kneecap ossification is said to begin at about three years of age. The bone regions develop within the patella cartilage. Eventually, they become bony kneecap. But, it is until the child reaches the puberty age that the entire kneecap gets converted into a full-fledged bone. Hence, those who image the kneecap as a bone piece would now be answered that the baby has a cartilage and not a bone knee cap. It is actually a cartilage piece found right within the center of the tendon and connected to femur.

Why bony kneecaps are not present in babies during birth?

It is not known scientifically and medically as to why bony kneecaps are absent in babies. However, lack of bony, hard kneecap can be stated to be a wonderful thing since babies are excellent crawlers. They are required to crawl around the hard floor, something that is not possible with a hard bone. Crawling with cartilage on the knee can be a bit soft. Also, children falling may experience less broken knees when compared to bony ones.

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