Aesthetics and Wellness in Sunny Isle Beach, Florida

You should always aim to restore, replenish, and revitalize your skin’s health. Availability of comprehensive treatment techniques and the latest equipment empowers most practices to deliver comprehensive treatments that you may count on. Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat is an aesthetic and wellness clinic delivering services you need in a safe and comfortable environment. You can trust the practice to deliver desired results through a fully personalized treatment plan.

Services Offered at Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat

If you’re in Florida, visit Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat for:

  • IV Therapy delivers specific minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that your body may absorb right away. It also reduces symptoms of chronic conditions and helps you feel revived shortly after. Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat grants you a comfortable recliner seat to ensure that the entire forty-five-minute session is comfortable.
  • Botox targets fine lines like neckbands, forehead lines, or crow’s feet to maintain your youthful appearance. Your provider at Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat considers a series of factors to determine your eligibility for a Botox procedure. Results of a successful Botox procedure could last up to six months, based on your body’s reaction to injections and treatment area.
  • Anti-aging remedies are ideal for reducing physical signs of aging as the years roll past. Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat offers various anti-aging treatments to improve your skin’s quality, revamp your appearance, or reduce pockets of fat for long term results. Your customized treatment may include prescription medication and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Chemical peels help one to remove damaged layers of skin to achieve smoother, brighter, and healthier skin. Your provider considers your skin’s texture and specific skin concerns to draft a fully customized treatment plan. Options for chemical peels at Alexa Mar Wellness include light peels, medium peels, and deep peels.
  • Teeth whitening. A bright smile helps you stand out while stained and discolored teeth may attract misjudgments and a heightened sense of self-consciousness. Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat uses professional-grade whitening bleaches to make teeth brighter. After your treatment, it is best to refrain from certain foods and practice better hygiene for desirable long-term results.
  • Dermal fillers are ideal for reducing the visible signs of aging and restoring lost volume to your face. Your initial appointment may last longer as your provider evaluates your cosmetic goals and areas of treatment. Getting a dermal filler takes minutes, while visible results last for up to a year. Alexa Mar Wellness Retreat offers relevant help to choose the best fillers.
  • Facials are skincare treatments that benefit your skin and allows you to pamper yourself and relax. Your facial procedure is fully customized with appropriate products for your skin type and needs. You should get a facial every two to four weeks for the best results. Alexa Mar Wellness offers relevant guidance to maintain your skin as healthy as possible.

Your treatment is fully customized to cater to individual needs and symptoms.

Wrap Up

Alexa Mar Wellness uses a unique and gentle approach, the latest medical data, and highly innovative technology to ensure that you are at peace while receiving top-notch care. Call the practice or visit the website to book an appointment from your office or home today.

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