6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Your hips are critical to your overall well-being as they not only support your superior body but also absorb shock from each step you take. This makes them susceptible to injuries, and you might experience pain often. Fortunately, the Columbus hip pain specialists at Medical Wellness Group can help you get relief through a customized treatment plan. Again, most of the factors that lead to hip pain are avoidable, meaning you can get relief quickly by combining medical interventions and lifestyle changes. Look at the following ways you can easily manage your pain away.

Go for Diagnosis

Before taking any necessary step towards your hip pain, it is good to know what is causing your problem. That will guide you into knowing what you can do. Several reasons can be causing you hip pain ranging from mild to severe complications. Sometimes it can be something you can trace, such as an injury you attained while engaging in your favorite activity. When other medical issues are possibly the cause of your condition, your provider might recommend x-rays and MRI or CT scans. This will guide you on the type of treatment you need to relieve your symptoms.

Try Some Painkillers

When your hip pain is caused by joint inflammations, you can benefit from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The medicines block the enzymes responsible for the inflammation-reducing the irritation and alleviating your pain. You can get aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen from the local stores to relieve your symptoms. If this does not work, talk to your doctor for more powerful pain-relieving medications. Remember to consult your doctor even before getting the painkillers from the pharmacy.

Use Ice

Sometimes holding some ice on your hip can reduce your joint’s inflammation. But you have to do it right. Ensure you hold an ice pack to the affected area for about 5-10 minutes several times daily at an hour interval. If the ice is freezing for you, you can wrap it on a towel and wrap the towel around your hip on the painful area. If this does not help, please contact your doctor.

Heat the Joint

Heat can also benefit your hip, particularly if you have arthritis. Therefore, you can take a warm shower or bath or soak in a hot tub to soothe the pain you feel. Also, you can consider purchasing a hot pad and directly place it on your hip. However, avoid using a pad if you have bursitis, as it can make your condition worse. Also, be careful when using a heating pad not to fall asleep when it is on you.


Sometimes your hip could hurt due to overuse and involvement in strenuous activities. In this case, you can find some relief with resting as it allows your hip time to heal. Just relax on the couch in a proper position, probably grab an ice pack and a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie. You might not even notice when the pain fades away. Generally, give your hip a rest for about 24-48 hours for optimal relief.

Seek Expert Care

Depending on the severity of your condition, you might need more specialized care from your doctor. This can involve chiropractic care, ultrasound therapy, regenerative medicine, and many more. Your doctor will discuss with you the available options and design a customized treatment for you.

Do not wait any longer to get pain relief. Reach out to Medical Wellness Group Today and get the help you deserve. Remember not to try anything until you consult your provider and it is approved.

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