With Grit to Stay Fit: Vital Pre and Post Workout Schemes to Prevent Muscle Pain


Intense fitness training comes with a great benefit of having a fit physique. However, that great reward also comes with a price, which is muscle soreness.

Increasing the intensity of your workout without giving your body a time to rest will certainly leave your muscles to overwork and strain which can sometimes lead to injury. On the bright side, some soreness is unavoidable, and it can be a mark of an effective workout. But how are you going to minimize the pain and discomfort of a sore muscle?

Sore Muscle Quick Fix: Before Training

For every training, it’s important to condition your body and warm-up your muscles to avoid injuries, especially if you’re about to engage in high-intensity workouts. As such there are things you can do to prevent it from happening.

Warm up especially before lifting weights

If you are going to perform an exercise that focuses on lifting weights particularly the heavy ones, always add a phase in your routine to pump your heart up.

Include an activity like jump rope or jumping jacks before you hit the weights to prepare and warm your muscles for heavy work.

Proper Stretching

Before you start your workout, always perform muscle warm-ups and stretching that will help to prepare your body for a vigorous workout.

Have time to do a light dynamic stretch which is a stretch that involves movement such as gentle walking lunges or swinging your legs and follow it up with a static stretch which includes holding.

Adequate Hydration

Fluid intake is essential before, during, and after your whole training to prevent muscle cramps and muscle soreness. There are different kinds of fluids that you can take during your exercise, but water is still the perfect choice for most people who train frequently.

However, if your workout routine leads to profuse sweating, regardless if you are training in warm weather or you are working out strenuously, it is best to replace your body with sodium and electrolytes by having a sports drink in addition to water as hydration.

Exercise with the Correct Posture and Apparel

Healthy World Reviews – Always pick your weight based on your posture first because you will gain more and feel less soreness by correctly such as lifting 40 pounds perfectly than by lifting 150 pounds imperfectly.

In addition to correct posture, you also need to provide yourself with proper workout apparel in Deal Wiki for you to execute your training programs efficiently.

Sore Muscle Quick Fix: Post-Workout

Having a post-workout is as important as doing warm-ups. Hence, make sure to do at least one of the following.

Ice or Heat therapy

The coldness of ice has anti-inflammatory properties that can help minimize the onset of muscle soreness. Also, heat compresses is excellent whenever you experience spasms or stiffness of joints.

However, if both remedies do not help you after a couple of days, it is best to have it checked up with a physician to be sure if there is a more considerable concern.

Again, Drink Plenty of Fluids

Water intake is not only crucial during your fitness routine, but it is also vital to drink water regularly through the entire day.

It is because every system in your body needs water to properly function, and fluid intake will help you away from certain diseases and concerns with clotting of blood.

Continue to move

Walking or light running is safe to do the day after your workout. These kinds of low resistance cardio will help flush the buildup of lactic acid that causes soreness of the muscle.

These exercises can also assist in stretching your muscle, however, if you must take a break if you are in pain.

Have plenty of Sleep

Sleep is vital for the recovery of your worn out body. When you are immobile especially when you are asleep, the oxygen in your body will flow more smoothly which helps your stressed muscle to heal. Remember that an eight-hour sleep every night is still the best sleep.

Eat Food Rich in Protein

Your muscle is already sore, and there is no need to add more inflammation to it like eating popcorn, white bread and or coffee.

The building block of lean muscle is protein, and it is necessary to focus on consuming protein after fitness routine to help build strength.

An Excellent Massage

Massage is an excellent remedy for sore muscles. After a vigorous fitness routine, muscles become sore which makes it painful.

If the pain causes you frequent discomfort, a great massage will be a helpful remedy for it, and it will be much better if you are the one doing it so that you can control or manage the pressure on the area. By doing this, you will be able to relax your muscles and relieve tension.


Bodybuilding is not a simple task. Every exercise needs adequate preparation, hydration, diet, patience, and of course, rest to make it beneficial. It is always best to gain knowledge before you start your program to prevent injuries.

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