Why You Should Opt for PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy treats different ailments and has revolutionized medicine as it is a practical, cheap, and less risky way of dealing with ailments. PRP infuses high-density plasma platelets into a wound to facilitate blood clotting. The proteins also can promote cell growth, thus improving the healing process. It would be best to look for an expert in PRP therapy in Jacksonville to administer the therapy and educate you about its importance in the healing process. Read on to know if you are eligible for PRP therapy, the advantages, and the application of the procedure. 

Purpose of PRP Therapy

  •       Hair Loss

 Experts are still experimenting with PRP and its application in treating hair loss. The doctors infuse the PRP matter into the scalp to avert hair loss and enhance hair growth. It may treat male pattern baldness successfully as the proteins can stimulate the hair follicles leading to increased hair growth.

  •       Tendon Injury

The tendons link tissues and muscles to the bones, and they are strong and dense tissues. Unfortunately, the tendons can wear off due to overuse and trauma. PRP injections can help rejuvenate the worn-out tendons.

  •       Treats Acute Injuries

Most athletes are likely to face acute injuries in the field due to trauma or overuse of different body parts. Some of the injuries sustained in the field include knee sprains, and hamstrings and it is possible to inject the PRP matter into the injured parts to speed up the recovery.

  •       Postsurgical Repair

Surgery can take a toll on your health. You can speed up the recovery using PRP therapy as it helps the healing proteins reduce the discomfort associated with surgery. Moreover, the therapy speeds up recovery since it promotes the proteins that repair cells and organs after trauma.

Are You Eligible for PRP Therapy?

The PRP therapy is suitable for people who cannot undergo surgical treatments as it increases recovery without surgery. If you have undergone unsuccessful surgical procedures or have not had success with the non-surgical treatment, you could opt for PRP therapy. If tendon and joint pains affect your daily life, it would be wise to undergo PRP therapy. Moreover, it could be best if you are sensitive to anti-inflammatory medications or if you want to avoid the long-term use of medications.

Contrarily, PRP therapy might not be good if you have a condition that worsens or spreads with injections like active infection, metastatic disease, and different skin diseases. If you have a bleeding disorder, the treatment might not be good for you. If you cannot suspend anticoagulation therapy to undergo the therapy, the treatment is not good. Moreover, the treatment is not best for pregnant women or anemic patients.

Final Thoughts

PRP therapy uses your blood platelets to promote healing and is cost-effective as it does not require surgical procedures or additional medications. The therapy invokes the protein that promotes healing leading to a quick recovery. It is best for athletes who are predisposed to injuries on the field. You should opt for the treatment if you don’t want the long-term effects of medications or not have surgery due to other unavoidable circumstances. However, you should be cautious of the treatment if you are pregnant, anemic, undergoing anticoagulation therapy, or have certain bleeding disorders.

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