Why You Should Immediately Sign Up for a Personal Alarm Service

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A personal alarm service is pretty much a lifeline for a lot of people. A significant portion of customers that sign up are the elderly, but the service is open to basically anyone that needs the peace of mind that comes from knowing help is just a button press away.

When you find yourself getting worried about your personal safety or that of your loved ones, and you need the security of being able to call for help regardless of the situation, it’s time to sign up for a personal alarm service.

Everybody Can Use A Personal Alarm Service

First of all, let us dispel the misconception that personal alarms are only for the elderly. While it is true that majority of the users are the elderly, personal alarms can provide valuable assistance to everyone that needs to be safe and be able to get help whatever emergency situation they are in, medical or otherwise.

Senior citizens or the elderly make up a majority of the users, because their age group is the most prone to accidents, whether at home or outside. The elderly are most likely to get injured from accidents that happen at home; accidents that are otherwise easy to avoid by younger people.

When an old family member falls down because they slipped on the floor or maybe tripped on something, and they cannot get up, that’s when a personal alarm service comes in to save the day.

Aside from the elderly, young people also need personal alarms. There will be moments when teenagers or young adults will need immediate assistance because of a personal or medical emergency, whether they’re in school, working in the office, playing sports, or any other activity. Instead of having to dial emergency services, sometimes it is a lot faster and more convenient to just push the panic button.

One Accident Can Change Everything

There are countless, real-life situations where just one fall, one slip on the floor is all it takes for a loved one to sustain a serious, life-threatening injury. This is especially true with the elderly. They fall down, get injured, and are unable to get back up because no one is around to help them. And because nobody is around, they cannot get medical assistance right away, which leads to a life-threatening or even life-ending situation.

A lot of elderly people have trouble remembering important information. This also includes people with mental disabilities or those that are ill or recovering from illness, as well as people suffering from PTSD and similar trauma.

When these people are signed up for a personal alarm service, they don’t have to recall a lot of information whenever they are in an emergency. All they need to remember is to press the button, and help will be there in just a few minutes.

Not Only For Medical Emergencies

Contrary to what some may believe, a personal alarm service is not only limited to medical emergencies. A good personal alarm service provider should also be set up in case a call for help comes in from those who are working at night, staying in isolated areas, or just everyone who needs immediate assistance in case of fire, accidents, or an assault. In situations like these, a personal alarm can be an invaluable asset.

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