Why You Might Need Senior Care for Your Aging Family Members

Why You Might Need Senior Care for Your Aging Family Members

When some of your family members grow old, they might become unable to do everyday activities without assistance. This co-dependence might be hard to manage, especially if the older family members live in a different city or have chronic illnesses. At this age, it may be better to resort to senior life care like geriatric care in Conroe.

What Do Geriatric Care Providers Do?

The caregivers taking care of the family’s aging members evaluate the family’s situation, which involves the person’s condition and lifestyle. They take into consideration the available resources and come up with recommendations suitable for the family.

They could also develop a care plan and coach the family on implementing the plan that cares for the aging family members. They could also suggest services and agencies that make the care program easier for the family. Some geriatric experts could maintain a long term relationship with the family. They could help vet the services available for the aging family members and oversee the care of these aging family members. They could also visit the family weekly, and assist with social activities, coordinate doctor’s appointments, and other follow-up activities.

Tips To Improve Care for Elderly Patients

  • Know the patient’s baseline function

Your caregivers and doctors should consider base information that could be found in the medical history of the patient. For instance, they could ask about when the patient became sick and their condition before they got sick. Medical history can help your caregiver come up with a proper medical plan for your patient.

  • Emphasize on physical exercise

Older adults should take physical exercise that helps them regain function after illness or prolonged bed rest. Exercise improves the health outcome for older people, and it is better to incorporate customized physical therapy that meets the patient’s specific needs.

  • Take time before adding a new medication and remember the dose

Medications can significantly impact an elderly patient, but you should think twice before adding another medication, especially if the patient is already on another medication. You may wish to study how the new medication could react with the existing medications and its effect on the patient. If you decide to add the medication, remember the dose so as not to overdo it.

  • New drugs could be causing new symptoms

New drugs in older people could make them develop other symptoms, and it is better to assess the new symptoms and relate them to any new drugs. You should be cautious when using drugs with an older person since their immune system is already weak, and they could adversely react to the new drugs.


Caring for an older person could strain other family members, especially if they live far. It is helpful to employ geriatric care, as they could help them attain the best health outcomes. When caregivers are able to assess the condition of the patient, a treatment plan can be developed to make the care specific to them.

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