Why Waste Time in Needless Procurements?

Needless Procurements


Is there a particular rule that applies to everything in the world that does not deal with the physical and the psychological aspects of life and that only deals with the emotional and the social aspect of the? There is literally no proof of things going haywire because someone’s life was not somehow affected by the society and that person did not have a psychological or a physical disorder in the first place that triggered that kind of a reaction which made them do all the things that they did, making things seem like emotional and socially problematic. Now that we have not gotten confused with that previous rhetoric, let’s come to a conclusion that whatever we did discuss does not apply to everyday people and they are affected by their physical and their psychological aspects of their lives that makes them to react to the society that we see as unfit. There are so many things that people would do in order to make themselves be a misfit in society. ‘Being different’ is the new trend and everyone wants in on the action. Why train naturally and get little muscular gains, when you can simply buy steroids online and do twice as much work than you would do normally and gain twice as much muscle you would gain naturally. It may not be considered as morally legal and legit by some people but it sure that make you fit into that bracket of ‘different’.

The Society

Being different is not always about the kind of drugs that you are into or the kind of philosophies that guide you through your everyday life, it is about the thought process that everyone goes through that is different in yours. If a drugs are the easy way out and bodybuilders and professional athletes just openly talk about it on steroid forums and use it to enhance their performance or physique, then everyone who takes it will become Arnold Schwarzenegger. There has to be some inbred talent inside in order to achieve the lightning speed of Usain Bolt or the tactics of Viswanathan Anand, it does not come exclusively from drugs.


Essentially, what these drugs allow a person to do is to make their performance go up and then enables them to work even harder than what they are already doing. It is a recipe for hard work and it does not make you instantly and magically do better at your sport or profession it simply is a free pass to doing things more. If a strength athlete’s powerlifting total was 1200lbs then those drugs would make it go up to 1500lbs, quite a big thing in competitive sports.

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