Why have a Yoni massage in London

Why have a Yoni massage in London

Yoni massage involves a sensual rubbing of the female vulva and vagina, with the express goal to help the woman discover what actually turns her on and to experience new and undiscovered forms of sexual enlightenment.

The simple act of having a massage does relieve tension, stress and has an all-over feel good factor about it. The yoni massage could be described as a new craze and most certainly has a lot more intimacy involved than your standard Turkish massage or sports physio rub down.

There are not that many clinics offering the service across the UK but London women will find there are a growing number of clinics where the practice is developing and the main focus for women in London is to feel good and relaxed, rather than just end up having an orgasm (although many women do actually get to climax anyway).

Discovery – The Key to a Yoni Massage

Women in London can find out what it is that pleases those most in the bedroom simply by having a yoni massage. The method is administered by a trained therapist who has experience in providing such a service in a relaxed and calming room.

During the massage you could discover new feelings and sensations you did not know existed before. This is the key to discovery through a yoni massage in London. So, where does the word “yoni” stem from? It is a Sanskrit word which translates to vulva. It is this area that is massaged during your session.

Trauma Relief

Some women have been through sexual trauma and a yoni massage aims to be the first point in the road to recovery. Often, the yoni massage will begin with some consultation in an effort to make the woman feel relaxed and calm in this new and strange environment.

The session could begin with massage across the entire body with the yoni massage being the climax of the therapy. But it is important to know that the one in control here is the woman receiving. If she wishes her yoni to simply be held or lightly touched, then that is as far as the masseur will go.

A yoni massage will help a woman to evolve femininity and sexual discovery to a point where you will almost certainly recommend this to a friend over your next visit to the local coffee house or wine bar.


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