What You Ought to Know About Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth or a set of teeth threatens your smile and the way you bite. Fortunately, you can remedy the situation through the latest technology and practices like dental implants and bone grafts. If you need dental implants in The Woodlands, Texas, consider reaching out to Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands. At the practice, you will meet Oscar Muñiz, DMD, MD, and a team of board-certified specialists. The practice welcomes new and subsequent visitors in need of high-quality smiles and bites going forth.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw inserted in your jawbone at the point of a missing tooth. Your dental implant offers a foundation for the prosthetic restoration to operate as effectively as the natural tooth root.

Your dental implant’s structural foundation is made stronger by an implant bond to the bone tissue during your recovery after the surgery. Your implant is fully identical to an organic tooth root. After recovery, you can enjoy a brighter more natural smile and a high-quality bite.

Should I Get a Dental Implant?

Replacing a missing tooth is highly advantageous to your oral health by ensuring that it may help you maintain healthy bites and high-quality smiles. An implant attaches directly to your jawbone for a healthy stimulation that’s better than a denture or bridge. The stimulation protects the bone tissue in the jaw from waning. In turn, you can maintain a healthy mouth and maintain your face’s shape and appearance. Dr. Muñiz determines your eligibility for a dental implant.

During an Implant Surgery

At Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands, Dr. Muñiz and a team of dual-degree oral and maxillofacial surgeons offer implant surgery using the latest technology and equipment.

When you get an implant, you get multiple procedures for accurate positioning of your implant, fixing the support, and a final one for the restoration. The entire procedure may be exhausting and time-consuming but worth the trouble in the long run.

Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands offer you single-stage implants that do not need the second abutment installation procedure. When getting an extraction to create room for an implant, Dr. Muñiz places a special implant during your extraction appointment.

Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands ensure that your treatment is simplified and easy for you to get highly effective results in the shortest time possible.

Caring for My Implants

You should maintain healthy implants by regularly cleaning as you would natural teeth. Your implant may last for years if you brush twice a day, maintain regular checkups and cleanings, and floss daily.

Other Services Offered at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands

Dr. Muñiz’s team is highly specialized in:

  •       Wisdom teeth
  •       Dental and facial injuries
  •       Bone grafts
  •       Orthognathic surgery
  •       Extractions
  •       Full arch dental rehabilitation
  •       Cosmetic facial injections

Your requested service is fully personalized to your individual needs at the moment.

Wrapping Up

A dental implant can help you regain high-quality smiles and bites within the shortest time possible. To get more information about dental implants, call Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands or visit the website to book an appointment now.

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