What You Might Not Know About Spider Veins

Spider Veins

If you observe small colored squiggly lines on your legs, you might be among the many people with spider veins. Although you might not experience any physical pain initially, you probably don’t like the look of these veins on your legs. That is why Bowling Green Spider Veins Specialists at Sky Vein & Aesthetics are willing and ready to help you get rid of the veins. Several treatments are available to help you manage the condition and boost your confidence. However, there is more you should know about this disease, and more information is provided herein. If you have anymore questions after, a Bowling Green Spider Veins Specialist will help you.

Spider Veins Definition

Telangiectasias is the medical term for spider veins which are small purple or red veins or capillaries appearing in patches on your legs. In some cases, the veins may appear in the form of a spider’s web, hence the name. The veins are too close to your skin surface, and the blood pressure in the veins makes them appear more prominent.

Why the Veins Appear

Spider veins can appear in your varicose veins, which can increase the pressure on your veins and capillaries near your skin surface. A varicose vein is a condition where the veins’ valves break, holding back blood and increasing the pressure to the nearby blood vessels. Anything else that can exert pressure on your veins can cause spider veins. This includes:

  •       Pregnancy
  •       Weight gain
  •       Prolonged sitting
  •       Standing for a long time in one position

When these common culprits exert pressure on the veins, the valves can become damaged, backing up blood to the small branches.

It is good to note that anyone can get spider veins. However, it is more prevalent to people who work while seated or on their feet all day long. Besides, spider vein risks increase with age, although it can occur to people in their 20s and 30s, the veins are more visible to those in the age bracket of 50 to 70.

Spider Vein is a Health Issue and Also a Cosmetic Issue

Although in most cases spider veins cause no physical discomfort, sometimes you can experience symptoms such as leg heaviness, swelling, fatigue, bleeding, and aching. This means that besides the veins’ unpleasant appearance, the complication can be taken in as a health issue. Besides, there can be an underlying condition behind the more prominent veins, and even if it is not something life-threatening, it can be a sign of something worse to come.

Treatment for Spider Veins

It is good not to wait for the spider veins to go away independently, as many people tend to do. Instead, it is critical to speak to a spider vein specialist who will discuss with you the available treatment options for the condition. If there is an underlying condition contributing to spider veins, the underlying cause is managed to ease the veins’ appearance.

When there are no symptoms besides the enlargement of the veins, they are treated just for appearance. The most common treatment, in this case, is the injection of medication to the veins to permanently close them so that no more blood will flow in them. This is done through a procedure known as sclerotherapy. 

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