What Happens During the Physical Examination in Houston?

Physical Examination

To know about our overall health status, our primary examiner will perform something called a physical examination. This examination is just for your wellness check. So, you need not be sick to just have this examination done. This will tell you what is happening with your body and what changes need to be made in your daily routine. 

There are many different types of physical exams. It all depends on various factors like your age, weight, medical or family history to decide which test will be better for you. This all can be recommended by your practitioner. Thus, you must find a good practitioner for an annual physical in Houston. One of them can be found at Fulshear Medical Associates in Houston. They can help you do the physical exams to check the overall status of your health. 

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The main purpose of this physical examination is to understand the general status of your health. Here you can also discuss the pain and any other symptoms which you are experiencing. 

This type of examination is highly recommended for people over 50 years of age. They need to do these checks at least once a year. The purpose being:

  • You can be aware of the possible diseases, which can be treated at the early stage
  • You will be aware of the immunizations required
  • This may help you change your current lifestyle into a healthy one
  • Help keep a check on your cholesterol, blood sugar level, and blood pressure so that it can be controlled before it gets severe
  • This is also done before surgery or before you start taking any medications


Women and men both will have to undergo different examinations. 


  • Firstly, they will check your weight, height, and blood pressure
  • A screening was conducted to check for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • A breast examination would be done to check for symptoms of breast cancer
  • Check your cholesterol level, blood sugar, and your hormone level
  • Colorectal screening to be done if found at risk
  • Screening to be done for osteoporosis if required


  • Again, the weight, height, and blood pressure will be checked
  • Screening of prostate glands to be done to avoid cancer for men above 40 
  • Colorectal screening to be done
  • Checks to be done for STD (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Checking to be done for blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides
  • Check on hormone levels by doing blood tests

Other than this, looking at your lifestyle an additional screening test is to be done for lungs, if you have been smoking. Also, mental health to be checked if there is family history of anxiety and depression.

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