What First Aid Equipment Should Be Available

The importance of the availability of first aid equipment in every home and workplace cannot be overemphasized. This is because of what they can do when available for injured patients before being taken to the hospital. However, it is also important to point out that amongst every first aid equipment; there are some that should always be available in case there is an emergency.

The above statement isn’t attempting to insinuate that some equipment is less important and as such will not be needed when there is an emergency treatment. The only thing is that there is some equipment that can be improvised while there are others that cannot no matter what. What will be explained below are some of the equipment that should always be available when this type of treatment is been undergone.

The Manual for Treatment

For effective First Aid, this is a very important tool that should never leave the treatment box. It is a manual which tends to give direction on how wounds and other issues will be treated before a professional comes around to handle the situation. It helps to give whoever that wants to treat an injured or sick person a clue on what to do so as to be in charge of the situation.

It is highly recommended that this guide should always be studied before handling a sick or injured person. The best way to make individuals learn this manual is to organize a training centre for them where they can develop their skills on how to handle patients before the doctor will be able to come around.


These are also very important in the box. It is important to have them in different sizes to handle cases that are related to injuries of different nature. People are always prone to injury both in the home and work places.

Guaze Pads

These are there in the box to complement the efforts of the bandages. It is possible that most times wounds may appear too wide and open for bandages to cover every aspect. It is usually used to cover a wound first of all before the bandage will be applied on it. It has different sizes just like bandages and it is majorly used to help in the process of absorption of blood when there is a wound.

Availability of Pain Reliever

This is very important in a first aid box whether in the workplace, home, school or anywhere. They have the primary function of helping the individual to be relieved of any kind of pain that he may be going through. It can be very helpful in the process of having a wound treated. This is because it can help the patient to feel less pain in his body.

Antibiotic Ointment

This is used to ensure that a wound doesn’t get any kind of infection while still open. The best time to apply this one is when the wound has been cleaned properly.

In conclusion, it can be seen that there are some equipment which are not supposed to leave the first aid box due to what they can contribute when there happens to be an emergency.

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