What Causes the Hair to Become Thin?

The thinning of hair is a moderate loss of hair that does not result in baldness like hair loss. When your hair is thin, it looks sparse on your head and you can see some gaps in the hair. The process of thinning takes place slowly over many years and you may not know that you are losing hair until eventually you notice a loss of a substantial amount of hair.

It is not easy to point out the exact cause of hair loss but there are some known causes, like genetics. You should seek help from a hair specialist, Martin Maag M.D if you are worried that you are losing too much hair or you are beginning to lose confidence in your physical appearance. Do not delay seeking treatment with excuses that it is normal to lose hair.

What Causes the Hair to Become Thin?

The exact cause of hair loss is unknown but it is normal to lose about 100 hairs daily. Some people, however, have a genetic predisposition to hair thinning where they have other family members who have the same problem. Another factor that contributes to hair loss is nutritional deficiency.

Some nutrients including zinc, magnesium, and iron help in the growth of hair. These nutrients also help to make the hair shift strong so that it does not shed easily. Children who suffer from malnutrition develop thin hair which falls off easily. Other things that can thin your hair include excessive hair treatment using chemicals and applying dye to your hair.

If you brush wet hair, it can easily fall off. Wiping wet hair thoroughly also causes it to fall out. Applying excess heat to your hair can weaken your hair, making it fall out and become scarce. Stress is another factor that triggers hair loss. Some chronic diseases like SLE can also make your hair become thin and fall out.

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to lose hair. Your hair can also become thin if you suffer blunt trauma to the head or any other area of your body that has hair. Burns on the scalp can also cause your hair to become thin and fall. Some people also get thin hair after suffering from a mental condition called trichotillomania which makes them have an urge to pull out their hair.

If you often style your hair with tight braids, they can pull your hair making you lose some hair at the hairline. Hormonal changes in your body also contribute to hair loss, and therefore women who use oral contraceptives often experience hair loss. Other factors that contribute to the thinning of hair include losing a significant amount of body weight within a short duration, having skin diseases, and immune deficiency.

Thinning of hair is a common condition in which you lose a moderate amount of hair, making it appear sparse and have gaps. There are many causes of hair thinning including genetic predisposition, nutritional deficiencies, immune deficiency, and hormonal changes. You can get treatment for hair thinning to improve your appearance.

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