Weight Lifting Gloves are Best for Effective Bodybuilding

Weight Lifting Gloves are best for effective bodybuilding

A good weight lifting regime, when paired with proper diet, is an effective way to lose weight. For weight lifting, one needs to have a firm grip and a strong hold and these weight lifting gloves support for the gym, workout, weightlifting is the best for men & women.

These are quality gear by Nordic Lifting is among the Best Bodybuilding Gloves on the market. When wore during the workout session, they prevent calluses and increase stability and grip during weight lifting session.


To ensure comfortability, these weight lifting gloves are crafted with the finest quality leather and to improve durability they have the finest and reinforced stitching. Besides looking classy and elegant, the leather is also extremely durable.

The gloves come with a strategically padding at the palm, thus increasing and enhancing the overall comfort and grip during the extensive weight lighting programs. They have integrated 12 wrist wraps to provide just the right amount of support the bodybuilder is looking for.

Palm Padding

Palm padding is perhaps the most effective and attractive feature. The main objective of the padding is to provide you with increased conformability and prevent your hands from getting blisters or pain from the raw pressure.

To be honest, you might find the padding a little awkward at the beginning, but once you start using, you are really going to fall in love with it as they will help you improve your performance.


Unlike other weight lifting gloves that are made of the aesthetic material, these gloves are made using the finest quality leather. The leather along with firm stitching is what makes them durable.

Time and again our satisfied customers have commented on the durability of these gloves. So, no matter what you are doing or how much weight you are lifting the gloves are going to be with you forever. Buy them once, and you won’t have to purchase another ever.


Since everybody has a different hand size and a different handshape, therefore, these gloves are made while keeping this information in mind. Like other gloves that offer a standard size, these Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Wraps are available in different sizes to enhance the grip and support during the workout sessions.

For instance, if you are a woman and you have really small hands, you should try out the extra small size, it is under 7” whereas, people having big hands should opt for the extra-large (over 8.5”).

Pros of Weightlifting Gloves

  • Improved grip
  • Prevent blisters and calluses
  • Relieve pressure on your wrists caused due to weight lighting
  • They provide good support to your wrist

Cons of Weight Lifting Gloves

  • It’s hard to grip thicker bars, and with the addition of another few inches to the bar, it kills your grip strength
  • Sometimes the thickness of the gloves prevent you from keeping the bar close to your wrists


The advantages of weight lifting gloves are way more than their disadvantage; therefore wearing them to your weight lifting sessions is bound to generate effective and efficient results.

These gloves not only prevent calluses, but they also help in equally distributing the weight between your wrist and fingers, leading to firm grip. So, don’t go weight lifting without putting up these best bodybuilding gloves.

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