Walk Without the Hip Pain with Medical Help

Hip Pain

Whether you are an expatriate currently working in Singapore or plan to go there because you know that the services are of extremely high quality, hip pain is something that you can easily have treated. The professionals behind this type of pain can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem, work through the options with you, and then implement a treatment plan designed to cure your pain. Not only will you experience better care at a better cost but the results will be long-lasting and created using the latest techniques and technologies.


The most likely cause of hip pain can be linked to running, jumping, or any other activity that involves what is called “explosive moments,” meaning anything with harsh or hard strikes to the hips. This pain is caused by the sheer shock of absorbing landing after landing and hours of constant movement and it is exacerbated by a lack of exercise or activity, which causes muscle imbalances. Trauma or injury to your muscles may also be a cause for hip pain and it is fairly common in people recovering from accidents such as a slip and fall.

If you choose to exercise the body without properly warming it up with a short pre-workout, it could cause pain in the hip area by overstressing the muscles. Only a professional can determine if your pain is due to a sprain, broken bone, or something worse and then offer up a hip pain cure in Singapore. Once you know the cause, it should be relatively simple to determine which options are most viable for treatment and how soon you can get started.


Common symptoms of an injury to the muscle or bone include pain in the hip joint, buttocks, thighs, and groin. The pain could be sharp and sudden or chronic and dull and it could significantly reduce your mobility over time. Weakness and pain in the upper inside portion of the leg could actually be the result of something wrong with the hip and groin strains in particular will require a time of resting before you will see any indication of improvement. If you experience a fall, are struck by a heavy object, are a victim of a car accident, or otherwise fear the extent of a hip injury, you must consult a professional.


Depending on the severity of your hip injury, it could be that you experience internal bleeding following the injury. Orthopaedic emergency surgery is required immediately once it is clear that a traumatic dislocation has occurred and any delay could increase a patient’s risk of developing osteonecrosis. This type of injury can be extremely painful and occur without warning; it is critical that you immediately seek emergency help as it could be severe or life-threatening.

If you undergo traction, you are at a higher risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, which is a blood clot in the legs. A clot can easily dislodge from the vein in your leg and travel toward your heart and other potentially dangerous locations in the body. Once you undergo surgery, be sure to remain active within the limitations of your recovery instructions to help avoid a clot.

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