Vitamin E Benefits And Who Should Use It?

Vitamin E

You might have heard a lot about vitamin E as an ingredient from skincare and haircare enthusiasts, experts and the rest of the beauty market. This is because there are several benefits of vitamin E for your skin and hair. For the uninitiated, vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, which acts as a powerful antioxidant protecting cell membranes from the damage that is caused by free radicals in the environment.

Vitamin E Benefits for Hair:

– Vitamin E supplements can improve hair growth in people dealing with hair loss. The antioxidant properties that this vitamin has can help reduce oxidative stress in the scalp.

– Vitamin E can also increase blood flow which eventually improves hair health. Increased blood supply encourages hair growth and increases the hair follicles.

– Vitamin E is quite important for creating a protective layer on your scalp’s surface. This helps lock in moisture and protect the skin on your scalp by balancing oil production.

– Vitamin E oil can help replace the protective layer on your hair strands and bring back the shine that your hair deserves. Vitamin E in oils can reduce breakage, protect the hair from damage and seal moisture.

– Vitamin E is essential for healthy scalp skin. Poor scalp health can result in itchy, dry scalp and lack of luster in hair quality. This vitamin supports the scalp and gives your hair a strong base to grow from by reducing oxidative stress and preserving the protective lipid layer.

Vitamin E Benefits for Skin:

– Vitamin E can prevent loss of moisture in your skin, restore and rejuvenate dull skin. This is because it’s an oil-soluble nutrient which makes it heavier than water-soluble products. You can mix some drops of vitamin E oil in your regular moisturising lotion and apply on your skin at bedtime.

– Vitamin E can prevent your skin from ageing and sagging. It has the ability to enhance the basic production of protein collagen and maintain the elasticity of your skin.

– Vitamin E can battle free radicals that are caused by UV rays and protect your skin from sunburns and dark spots. It neutralises the damage and repairs and soothes your skin. For this you can simply massage vitamin E oil onto the affected areas on your body.

– Vitamin E can also lighten dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. Just mix the contents of the vitamin E capsule into a spoon of moisturiser or olive oil and apply it on the dark areas of your skin.

– Vitamin E can easily help in deep cleansing of your face from dirt and other impurities while maintaining oil balance. You can use a cotton call with vitamin E oil and wipe your face with it to cleanse all the dirt and makeup. Follow it up with your regular cleanser right after to take off any residue.

– Vitamin E also reduces the appearance of stretch marks on your skin by repairing skin elasticity and suppleness. When you regularly massage vitamin E in the form of an oil, it restores elasticity of your skin and lightens visible stretch marks.

Who Should Use Vitamin E on Skin and Hair?

It is quite a safe nutrient and ingredient that can be used by anybody for any type of skin and hair. If you wish to try a product that contains vitamin E, we’d suggest you the Pure Sense PureSense Calm Macadamia Soothing Body Mist. This body mist is crafted with pure ingredients that will leave your skin and senses relaxed. You can spray the macadamia body mist as often as required to smell fresh every few hours.

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