Varicose Vein Treatment In Celebrities and Models


This may be letting the cat out of the bag but models don’t always have perfect bodies! Sometimes it takes some modern day varicose vein treatment to get them looking so fabulous. Okay, now the secret is out. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone else.

Charlotte Louise Holmes, born September 29, 1988 grew up in Torpoint, in the Cornwall region of England. Holmes got her first modeling gig when she was only seventeen years old and turned pro when she was nineteen. While she was an instant hit, photographers would always point out a blue “blemish” on her left shin. It got to the point that she would ask makeup artists to carefully apply a skin toned cover makeup over the this “blemish” to hide it.

The makeup must have worked because Holmes was crowned the beautiful Miss England June 26, 2012 and she’s appeared on numerous commercials and TV shows. However, it was always a hassle to have to keep applying makeup to cover the mark that could otherwise prevent her from modeling. Holmes had always assumed she had spider veins, or what she called “thread veins,” on her legs. However, in March 2013, she was diagnosed with varicose veins and told she needed a type of varicose vein treatment called foamed sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is a very popular type of varicose vein treatment where a foamy salt solution is injected into the varicose veins through a very thin needle. This causes the vein to collapse (ablate in scientific parlance), shrivel up, and then slowly be absorbed back into the body for recycling. After Holmes had the procedure, she had a to wear compression stockings for a few weeks so she had to take a hiatus from modeling. However, when it was over a short time later, the blue “blemish” had totally disappeared and she was free to model again, only without the hassle of applying skin toned makeup to her leg.

Now, we know what will happen since you now know this story! The next time you see a glamour shot of the beautiful Charlotte Holmes, you’ll be examining her legs closely for any trace of the varicose vein treatment she received. So, to you, we say, “Made You Look!” Ha Ha 🙂

We don’t normally think of models having varicose veins because they’re usually young and we don’t think of young people having varicose veins or needing varicose vein treatment. However, it turns out that a whopping one in nine woman aged eighteen have varicose veins or some form of venous disease, a precursor to varicose veins. Not all varicose veins are seen however so you wouldn’t get a sense of this surprising statistic without actually examining the ladies’ legs with duplex ultrasound where you can take a three dimensional view of the inside veins, including the deep veins.

It turns out that many models, including Victoria’s Secret Models, have varicose veins. While many of them cover up any varicose veins they have with makeup that is part bronzer and part lotion, they also sometimes sneak in for some quick varicose vein treatment like sclerotherapy or EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment). These types of varicose vein treatment take only about an hour to receive and a few weeks to fully recover. Thankfully, for models, they almost never leave any scarring. In some cases, there can be a tiny bit of bruising as the ablated veins are reabsorbed into the body but this almost always goes away quickly.

Many other celebrity ladies have varicose veins. The Sex and the City superstar, Kristin Davis, known for her sexy legs and stylin’ shoes to match, received varicose vein treatment in 2008 after her fans noticed the gnarly veins on her legs. She’s now in her forties and still beautiful! Emma Thompson used to hide her varicose veins under pants and long skirts until she got varicose vein treatment in 2006. Now, you’ll notice her dresses and skirts have gotten shorter so she can show off her legs. Britney Spears got varicose vein treatment in 2012. After two pregnancies, she developed varicose veins like so many other women who bring life into this wonderful world!

While we can’t all have model legs, you can remove your varicose veins through varicose vein treatment. If you are extra concerned about your appearance, you’ll want to use the very best vein doctors in the country. You’ll find these exceptional vein doctors at Metro Vein Centers. You’ll also find some of the best trained staff at Metro Vein Centers. Keep in mind too that getting varicose vein treatment is not all about improving your appearance. Many people who have these types of procedures find that their legs feel much lighter and they’re ready to go out and have some energetic fun like they did when they were much younger!

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