Vaping eliquids vs. traditional cigarettes

Vaping eliquid

Smoking is an act of burning substances like dried leaves of tobacco plant folded in a piece of rice paper giving it a cylindrical shape, and inhaling its smoke to get the taste. This smoke is absorbed in bloodstream reaching the body tissues. This smoke has many negative impacts on our health as it contains thousands of harmful chemicals. The minor health issues caused are like cough, lethal disorders like lung cancer and heart diseases and also leading to death. This is where vaping an e juice comes into picture. Here is a little more on smoking cigarettes.

Chemicals in cigarette:

There are thousands of chemicals in cigarette. Few of them are –

  • Acetone, it can cause kidney and liver damage
  • Acetaldehyde, it is suspected carcinogen
  • 1-aminonaphthalene, it causes cancer
  • 2-aminonaphthalene, it causes bladder cancer
  • Ammonia, it higher the blood pressure
  • Butyraldehyde, it damages the nose and lungs lining.
  • Cadmium, it is heavy metal and is extremely toxic.
  • Carbon monoxide, it drops the heart and muscle function.
  • Catechol, causes respiratory issues and dermatitis
  • Hydrogen Cyanide, it is a lethal poison
  • Hydroquinone, it affects the central nervous system
  • Isoprene, causes irritation in skin, eyes and mucous membrane
  • Lead, it causes brain damage
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone, effects on central nervous system
  • Nickel, it is carcinogen and causes asthma
  • Nicotine, it is highly addictive and increases heart rate and blood pressure
  • NNN, NNK and NAT, these are known to be carcinogens
  • Phenol, it damages liver, kidney, cardiovascular system and also central nervous system.


Vaping is an act of inhaling water vapors of eliquids and e juice using an electric device known as vaporizer or an e-cigarette.

It is an alternative of smoking but it is tobacco free and most of the times nicotine free. It is considered to be safe when compared to cigarette smoking as it avoids the most harmful drug, tobacco that leads to various health issues.

Various tools like e-cigarette, vaporizer, vape mods and vape tanks are used in vaping.

Chemicals in E-cigarette:

Following are the chemicals used in vaping –

  • Nicotine, it is addictive
  • Propylene glycol, it is used in asthma inhalers and nebulizers.
  • Vegetable glycerol, it has a low toxicity. It is also used in medications, cosmetics and also few food items.
  • Vaping Eliquids has many flavors which are mostly considered to be safe and causes no harm except giving you its flavor.


Vaping contains very less amount of nicotine which is also absorbed by the vaporizer and is not inhaled thereby having no harmful effects unlike smoking wherein nicotine and other harmful chemicals are inhaled and reached to lungs and bloodstreams causing many physiological damages. E-cigarettes are comparatively cheaper than smoking cigarettes. Very few carcinogenic chemicals are found in e-cigarette vapor when compared to smoking. Many who wish to quit smoking opts vaping. Getting new ideas and combos makes a new flavour hit the market. The eliquids will popularise if enough people begin the initial switchover from the regular cigarette to the ecigarette.

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