Useful Tips To Help With Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is a highly common health disorder experienced by almost every person at least once in his lifetime. The reasons for back pain could be many, ranging from fracture and sprain to accidental injury or disease. Usually it begins as constant and dull pain, while gradually getting stronger and more intense. If not addressed on time, then the suddenly occurring waves of pain can cause immense inconvenience and make it difficult to perform day to day tasks as well. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt a few habits, such as the ones mentioned below, which can avoid the pain from occurring in the first place and offer long term relief as well.

More exercise

As soon as back pain occurs people tend to start resting. However, too much rest can worsen the problem instead of offering any help with back pain. While it is acceptable to get some rest for one or two days, but if you keep lying on the bed constantly, then it can make your back more stiff and it will be difficult for the pain to subside. Instead you should carry on with regular physical activities, as will help to lessen the inflammation and also ease out the muscle tension.

Lose some weight

A prime reason of back pain could be the extra weight, which mostly appears around the waist. This is because if your weight is more than what it should be then it can put strain on lower back causing and even worsening the back pain. That is why it is suggested to keep a watch on your weight and as soon as you realise that it is exceeding, you should indulge in more physical activities and change your lifestyle and food habits, to avoid it from becoming a problem later on.

Sleep position

If you suffer from recurring back pain, then it could be because of the position you sleep in. the ideal position to relieve back is to sleep on side by pulling your knees towards your chest. In case you like sleeping on back, then placing a pillow under the knees and the other one under the lower back, could provide relief. People suffering from back pain should avoid sleeping on their stomach as it can put pressure on the back. It is also recommended to get in touch with a doctor as he can suggest a good posture for you to sleep in and provide help with back pain.

Sitting posture

People who have to sit for long hours also face the problem of back pain, which can be cured by changing their sitting posture. You should choose a chair with straight back as it can prevent back pain. Another option is to give support to your lower back by placing a cushion. The knees, while sitting on the chair, should be higher than the hips. In case it is not possible, then you can also place a stool to keep your feet on.

Besides the helpful tips mentioned above, you should also avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or high heels, as their constant use can cause damage to your back. Making a few simple changes in your lifestyle can surely work wonders to lessen and even eliminate back pain over time.


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