Understanding Liposuction: Choosing SmartLipo over Liposuction


Your bedside alarm startles you awake. It is time for your morning jog. However, your weight doesn’t seem to budge a bit. No matter the effort and right meal plans, your body is not cooperating. If you are a resident of Cleveland and its surrounding areas, getting a laser lipo in Ohio can be the best fit for you.

With the advancements in technology, the traditional liposuction procedure has seen a revamp. However, before opting for a SmartLipo, you should be a fan of exercises and follow a healthy diet. Below are some top reasons why you should choose SmartLipo over normal liposuction.

The Incisions Are Minimal

Your doctor will make minor incisions to give room for the cannula to suction the fat. After the procedure, you most likely won’t have noticeable marks where the incisions are made.

You Get Minimal Scars

After the procedure, during healing, you will see that you have minimal scarring or even none. In SmartLipo, the fat is sanctioned as a liquid which makes it easy to remove and through a small opening.

Fast Results

How about the convenience of having immediate results after your procedure? SmartLipo gives you remarkable results quickly after you have the liposuction. Your doctor will help you reshape and sculpture your body to a better form.

Short Recovery Time

The recovery process for the normal liposuction takes longer than SmartLipo. You would have to wear a compression garment for a period of not less than 6 weeks in order to counteract the swelling and bruising effects. Additionally, you will have to keep away from exercises. On the other hand, when you undergo SmartLipo fewer bruises translate to a faster healing process.

Smooth Firm Skin

With normal liposuction after removal of fat from problematic areas, you will be left with loose skin. However, the benefit of choosing a smart lipo is that your doctor will use heat which melts the fat cells to suction it as a liquid. Subsequently, it gives the skin a tightening effect.

The Precision

Your doctor uses laser heat technology for SmartLipo. The results give a very accurate procedure meaning your doctor is able to target specific problematic areas.

Helps Sculpture Your Body

It might be your flabby arms that don’t go away. Or even your mummy tummy that is present 6 years after the delivery of your last child. With smart lipo, the doctor helps you attain the look you desire in areas that did not respond to your diet and exercise routine.

With the immense benefits, the procedure offers it is important for you to consult your doctor who will then advise you on what you should do before you undergo the procedure. After the procedure, take some time off work and get adequate rest. Follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter and wear a compression garment for about a week. Take your medications correctly and avoid hard exercises for about two weeks.

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