Treatments Used to Improve Smiles

Treatments Used to Improve Smiles

Routine dental care that includes regular dental visits, professional cleanings and timely treatments can help you keep your teeth healthy and preserve the function and stability of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can take that treatment a step further and improve not just the health of your smile but also the appearance of your smile. You have many options that combine skill, artistry and technology and can provide you with a naturally beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures are normally considered to be elective. That means they are not considered essential to your dental health, and they may not be covered by your dental insurance. Although they may not be important, they can still provide restorative as well as cosmetic advantages. Dental inlays, onlays and tooth-colored fillings are common examples of cosmetic treatments that also offer restorative benefits. These can all be used to treat damaged or decayed areas of teeth subtly and attractively.

Tooth-colored fillings are an easy, fast and popular way to give your smile a quick and dramatic uplift. You will be free of the dark discolorations associated with amalgam, or metal, dental fillings. Another common treatment in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatments use peroxide to open the pores of your teeth and dissolve the stains that have gathered over the years. These treatments are available in several types. Custom-fit mouth trays with a peroxide solution are typically used in take-home teeth whitening kits. A paint-on solution that is activated by a powerful light may be used in in-office treatments. Both types of whitening offer incredible results, but in-office treatments are faster and more efficient than take-home treatments.

Porcelain veneers may be an option for some patients. Veneers may be used to improve the appearance of one tooth or your entire smile. They are custom crafted to fit each individual tooth and provide an incredibly natural appearance. Made of porcelain, dental veneers closely resemble the enamel on your teeth and can be remarkably strong. Your dentist can use dental veneers to enhance the appearance of teeth with worn enamel, chips, stains, misalignments, gaps, cracks and other imperfections.

A single cosmetic treatment may enhance your smile, or you may opt for a smile makeover, which can transform your whole look. A visit to a cosmetic dentist can help you explore your options and create a treatment plan that will address your concerns and goals.

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