Top Reasons for Lack Of Sexual Desire In Women

Sexual Desire

Lack of sexual drive in women is due to the lack of libido. This is commonly observed in women than in men. This is characterized as the female sexual arousal disorder. Doctors say that most of the female mass suffers from this problem.

Most of the women are non-vocal about this topic. But awareness in the recent times is making them talk and share their problems openly. The fact is that most of them do not have any problem in having the orgasm; they totally ignore the desire to have sex. Thus, no love-making activity turns their mind on.

The good thing is that this phase in most women is temporary and there are perfect reasons behind it. Some do not need any treatment and get cured by themselves. Other can be helped by medical consumption or psychosexual advice.

What causes lack of libido in women?

The lack of desire in women can be for physical or psychological reasons, though the doctors say that physical reasons are quite less.

The physical reasons can be attributed to anemia, drug abuse, alcoholism, diseases, etc. Even after child birth, the woman does not feel the drive to have sex because of the hormonal changes that occur at childbirth. Consuming of certain drugs may also lead to the rise of the problems. The problems may also persist if there is the abnormal production of the luteinizing hormone.

If one is depressed, stressed out for any reason the lack of sexual desire persists in them. Hang-ups from childhood, traumatic past experience, anxiety related issues may also be cited as possible cause for the problem.

How can a woman find help?

If one is facing the problems seriously, they can visit their general physician and discuss the problems with them. He/she may prescribe some tests to diagnose the right cause. It will be better if one can go to a lady doctor who is also a family planning expert as these professionals are having wide knowledge in dealing with these issues.

What kind of medicines can be consumed?

Many medicinal cures havenot been discovered yet. Some of the companies manufacture few medicines that are specifically made to deal with these problems. Female Viagra is one such type of medicine that is available in the market, prescribed by many doctors. These types of medicines have to be consumed orally with water or in an oral jelly form that can help women regain their sex drive. The woman can also seek psychosexual advice which can help them to bring out of the problems.

Furthermore, what is better than medicines is the help and understanding of a supportive partner who can help the woman overcome the problems with love and care.

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