Tooth Extraction Procedure- Understanding the Procedure

Tooth Extraction

Almost everyone gets worried when the dentist informs them that they need to undergo a tooth extraction. Those with no experience do not know what to expect, how long the healing should take, or if the procedure is painful. However, the process is not complicated and should heal within a few days. All you need is the right medical practitioner. Get professional dental care from Dr. Alicia Jackson in New York for the most effective results.

Below is the information you need to know about tooth extraction.

What are the reasons for a tooth extraction?

Human beings grow teeth only twice in their lifetime. It is thus essential to take care of and avoid teeth damage in every way possible. However, some situations will require your tooth to be extracted. They include:

  • Infection:Sometimes, one or more teeth may be damaged beyond the pulp. This means that when bacteria are present in the mouth, they will reach the blood vessels and nerves. When an infection comes to this point, the dentist can reverse it with root canal treatment. But in severe cases, extraction is necessary to stop the spread of disease.
  • Crowded mouth:For people with a crowded mouth or misaligned teeth, the dentist may be forced to extract some teeth to correct this situation. Aligning teeth is known as orthodontia.
  • Periodontal gum disease: When the bone and tissue supporting your teeth gets infected, it results in loose teeth and could force the option of tooth extraction.

Preparing for extraction

In most cases, the patient will have a session with the dentist before extraction. You will be required to answer a few questions regarding your medical history. The doctor will then advise you accordingly, depending on the number of teeth being pulled out. For example, you may be advised to stop blood-thinning medications as they might cause excess bleeding during surgery, or the doctor may give you antibiotics to reduce the chances of infection. Make sure you disclose all information that could help your dentist offer a comfortable session.

The procedure

The doctor takes an X-ray image of the tooth before extraction to have precise information for the procedure. You will also be injected with anesthesia to numb the area and prevent discomfort. In some cases where the tooth is concealed, the dentist will make cuts in the gum to make way. The entire process is painless. After all work is done, the surgeon stitches up the area and gives necessary pain medications.

Recovery process

During the entire healing period, you will need to observe the following:

  • Take all prescribed medication as necessary.
  • Avoid smoking for a few days.
  • Rinse your mouth with a salt solution made with warm water
  • Avoid taking drinks from a straw for at least a day.
  • Eat soft foods only. As healing progresses, make a slow transition to hard foods.

Tooth extraction is a simple process that heals in days. If you have your tooth pulled out, you may consider certain tooth replacement options. However, it is not necessary to replace wisdom teeth. East Village Dental Center specialists offer all types of dental procedures to preserve that natural smile. Book an appointment today.

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