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Thyroid Disease

The proper functioning of the body solely depends on hormones. The hormonal rate of production is an essential determinant in the effectiveness of body functions. The thyroid gland is responsible for making hormones that control many of your body’s essential functions. When a thyroid functions improperly, it results in conditions that directly impact the entire body functions. However, Dr. Brian Myers, ND, Dien Nguyen, leads a team of trained experts in thyroid testing in Beverly Hills, California. The healthcare team at Concierge IV Nutrition offers various tests of the thyroid to assess your hormonal levels as a consideration if you require further treatment.

They also provide replacement therapies of bioidentical hormone and IV nutrition therapy to boost your optimal well-being and rebalance hormones. For consultations or inquiries on the importance of thyroid tests, call the office or request an appointment via the online tool today.

Questions & Answers on Thyroid Tests

What is a thyroid?

The thyroid is a small gland in the front of the neck wrapped around the trachea. It takes after the shape of a butterfly with wings extending to the throat sides. It is responsible for the creation of hormones essential in the management of many body functions.

If your thyroid does not work correctly, it results in hormonal imbalances. Higher production of hormones is referred to as hyperthyroidism and low hormonal production hypothyroidism. Either of the conditions is hazardous and needs medical attention.

The thyroid malfunctions could be a result of other underlying body diseases or dysfunctions.

What are thyroid-related Conditions?

The thyroid related-conditions include:


Hyperthyroidism insinuates high levels of hormonal production beyond the required standards.

What Conditions Result To Hyperthyroidism?

The conditions include:

  • Grave’s disease – in this case, the thyroid gland may be highly reactive, causing high hormone production. This type of medical complication is also referred to as the enlarged thyroid gland (diffuse toxic goiter)
  • Thyroiditis – in this health situation, the condition might not be felt or be painful. During this condition, the thyroid releases the hormones that were in storage. It might go on for weeks or a few months.
  • Nodules – this condition comes about as a result of overactive nodules within the thyroid. A single nodule is called a toxic, autonomously functioning thyroid nodule. A gland with many nodules is referred to as a toxic multinodular goiter.
  • Excess iodine – iodine is the mineral that makes the thyroid hormones. This situation results in the production of more thyroid hormones than the body needs. Excess iodine is found in medications such as heart medications, cough syrups, and amiodarone.

What Conditions Cause Hypothyroidism?

The causes include:

  • Thyroiditis – is the swelling of the thyroid gland causing low thyroid hormone production.
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – in this condition, the cells of the body attack and damage the thyroid gland. It is a hereditary condition.
  • Other causes are iodine deficiency, non-functioning thyroid gland.

What are The Hyperthyroid Symptoms?

The symptoms include vision complications, irritability, muscle weakness, anxiety, irregular menstruation periods, enlarged thyroid gland, and unexplained weight loss.

Dr. Myers and the team carry out comprehensive thyroid tests to assess your health. The testing is on the thyroid antibodies and proteins affecting the thyroid functioning to detect underlying autoimmune disease. The test also aims to measure the cortisol hormone responsible for producing fight-or-flight hormones during anxiety or stress hormones.

The naturopathic physicians often draw the blood sample via an in-office simple procedure. They assess the THS hormone that shows an overactive or inactive thyroid. Moreover, the thyroid tests measure the blood’s T4 and T3 levels indicating thyroid disorder.

The naturopathic physicians might recommend treatment options like bioidentical therapy and diet counseling. Lifestyle adjustments if you suffer from thyroid issues help to control your thyroid condition and symptoms.

For more information, call Concierge IV Nutrition or request an appointment via the online feature today.

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