The Tips You Should Know About Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

We are constantly stressed in sudden situations and do not know what to do. This is perfectly normal. But if we have enough information about emergencies, we will definitely control them more quickly and take wiser actions. One of the sudden events that can happen for any of us is emergency dental issues. These are kinds of problems that prevent us from doing our daily activities, and there is no choice but to treat them quickly. Today, in this article, we are trying to provide some useful information in this field with the help of some expert emergency dentists to help you cope with various dental emergencies. According to an experienced emergency dentist, almost all dental emergencies can be controlled and treated if addressed in a timely manner. Therefore, there is no need to worry about tooth loss if you make wise and timely measures. So, join us to learn everything you need to know about dental emergencies.

Having an Awful Pain

It is undeniable that some tooth pain can be controlled without referring to an emergency dental clinic. However, some cases need urgent help; otherwise, there will be complicated dental issues. Generally, as an emergency dentist in Westminster explains, pain is always an alarm for a problem. Especially if the pain you are experiencing is unbearable and accompanied by symptoms such as swelling, do not hesitate to visit an emergency dental specialist as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can put a cold compress outside the painful area, or you can put a cool tea bag on the tooth. You can also use some natural remedies to help you reduce the pain till getting to the emergency dentist, such as applying honey or clove oil on the painful tooth.

A Chipped or Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth may have no pain, but as an emergency dentist in Scarborough emphasizes, even in case of having no pain with a chipped tooth or a broken one, visiting the emergency dentist as soon as possible is of the essence. Bear in mind that when a tooth is chipped, it is exposed to various types of bacteria. So, if left untreated, a severe dental problem will occur. In these cases, usually, infection is a common problem, and then if it progresses, the patient may even lose his tooth.

A knocked-out Tooth

In this case, you should immediately find the tooth and go to your emergency dentist. In this case, you are not allowed to touch the tooth. You can wash the tooth gently with water. Take the tooth to the emergency dental clinic as fast as you can. Time is the most important factor in this emergency dental issue. In other words, if you do not get to the dentist on time, you may lose your natural tooth and have to go for replacement methods such as dentures or dental implants.

A Lost Filling

If you suddenly face a lost filling, the most reasonable action is to visit a dentist as soon as possible. While you are waiting, you can use dental cement as a temporary gap. They are available in almost all pharmacies or drug stores. You can also use free-sugar gum to cover the cavity.


In case you face sudden bleeding in your mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue, and you cannot control it, the only way is to get to the emergency dental clinic. There may be a severe injury. But if there is minor bleeding, this may be due to hard brushing or flossing.

A Jaw Fracture

severe head injury can be hazardous and life-threatening. So, this type of damage requires immediate medical attention. Do not forget that a medical emergency team is likely to get to you quicker than getting to the hospital.

There Is Something Between Your Teeth

In this case, you can try to remove the object with dental floss slowly. You are not allowed to use a very sharp thing; otherwise, you will hurt your gums and teeth. If you cannot remove the object, contact your emergency dentist.

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