The process of sperm donation


When you donate sperm, it has emotional or financial benefits. In case of some individuals they tend to undertake this form of venture to earn some quick bucks. There isa lot of people who cannot conceive and if you donate sperm to a sperm bank Mumbai, it can go on to a bring smile back on their faces. It does provide a sense of satisfaction that you have helped someone in need. But currently the situation is that the demand is much more when you compare it to the supply which is available in the market.

If your choice is a sperm bank then you need to take note of the fact that the whole process is an easy and comfortable one. They have staff on board who go on to answer all your queries and is like a situation where you are presenting them with a gift of life. This also involves physical and emotional counselling before you plan to donate sperm. The main reason should be that they are confident about the choice they have made and this is bound to influence the course of life in the days to come. The process starts with a physical exam, which is followed by a regular exam, and the whole process goes on for 6 months till you are a donor. Once you feel that you no longer need to be a donor, you can still be part of the physical examinations. The results of all these examinations will be shared with you.

Once this is over, you are bound to be part of several health tests and this begins with the analysis of your semen. What the lab technicians normally do is that they study the quality of your sperm under a microscope and it is done to check the count of sperm and whether it moves quickly. This type of sperm does ensure your pregnancy on all counts. It is not that easy to walk up to a sperm bank inMumbai and donate sperm as what people may think. Most of them tend to have strict age criteria in place and the minimum age is 18 years and the maximum age happens to be 40 years. Though in some cases there is bound to be relaxation up to the age of 41 years. The DNA of the sperm of an older man is more likely to be damaged than a young man, but what is a surprise is that in case of an old man the chances of success are sure shot as they might be having their own families as well.

Then there is a blood test which goes on to check whether you have any history of medical illness and this is not passed on to the kids. Just take into account that you will not be able to donate sperm if you are part of any sexually transmitted illness. Just take into consideration that the entire process of sperm donation costs a bomb shell and when you are a client you should only opt for the best quality of sperm as you are paying for that. In this regard, the sperm banks suggest the donors not to indulge in any form of sexual activity or intercourse 7 days prior to donation of sperm.

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