The mother and her Child: The purest bond of Love

mother and her Child

The bond

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that ever happens or will ever happen in this world for a woman. The world is very much empty without the baby. A baby fills the world with his or her joy and the happiness. He inflicts enormous amount of happiness. Although to have this bundle of happiness in this universe, a female has to endure a lot of pain as well as as a lot pressure through her body. The body her is literally compromised for the time being when the baby is born from her. For nine long months the baby grows in the mother’s body. The baby and the mother share each and everything in this nine months. They share the same food that the mother eats, same air that the mother inhales, same problems also when the mother faces it. And it is seen in some cases that when a mother get herself in the internal section of the body in some cases the baby becomes very much actives in sending stem cells to that region of the mother so that to repair the injured portion thus protecting the mother. Isn’t it beautiful? Such is the purity if this relationship. That is why it is always said that the mother and the child has the best possible bonding in this universe and it is very unconditional in every aspect.

The gestational period

As said earlier pregnancy is one of the most difficult to understand biological processes in the whole body. The whole body of the woman suffers a total change which is actually required for this period of time. And these changes are very much characteristic of all the processes that are going on in this time period in the body of the woman. The changes occurs due to powerful fluctuation in the level of the hormones present in the human female body. In this time in the female the many new hormones emerges out and gets secreted just of the need of it. Such are the lactating hormones which prepares the mammary gland for the lactating purpose so that they can be used to feed the baby after the delivery. Like this there are other important hormones also that plays a big function. Along with that the normal hormones also becomes very much active and gets produced in good amount. Thus in a simple way. Woman becomes very much vulnerable for the pregnancy procedure.

Regular checkups

As it is said earlier about all the complexities problems are very much very much in this phase of the woman’s life. A woman need extreme care as well as extreme supervision so that they will be better and with less anxiety. Gynecologists and other doctors should be contacted at a regular interval for certain checkups.


There are many good gynecology treatment doctors in India. These doctors take proper care of the woman, not only with medicines and their diagnosis and also with their mind also so that the patients are very much happy from inside.

World is good with her

It is the primary duty for every human male to keep the woman happy and care her to the best extent as without them world will suffer a lot in every aspect

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