The Most Famous Types Of Massage Therapies Among Canadians

Massage Therapies

The best possible way to relax our body is through the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle composed of exercises and balanced diets. For Canadians, this is the ideal scenario, yet it is not so frequent. Whether we want it or not, the human being does not always carries the rhythm that his body demands. Likewise, it is common to find Canadians with high levels of stress accentuated by the same muscular pains which affect them. In these cases, the levels of cortisol elevate to extreme numbers which the body can’t handle. Because of this, when damage is already done, the solution lies in taking advantage of the benefits that a good Canadian massage therapy can provide. However, it is important to note that we have to take into account which kind of therapy every injury requires.

Whether if you live in Montreal, Quebec, Alberta or any other Canadian province, massage therapies are the same and they apply the equal methods to help you ease your pains. One the most known and used methods is the Swedish massage. This is employed to achieve relaxation and a low stress level. It has been crafted to warm up muscles, tendons and joints in order to force them to release the toxins which are causing tension and soreness. This type of massage is very relaxing and it is ideal for beginners which have never had a massage therapy before. In fact, many Canadian research sites have concluded that a 45-minutes Swedish massage results in an important drop of the stress hormone (cortisol) and an increase in immunity defense.

Another type of massage therapy is Aromatherapy massage. This consists in a Swedish massage but using plant oils, also known to Canadian clinics as essential oils, to improve the effects. This type of massage is ideal to those Canadians that are in love with fragrances and oils. Their healing properties has been tested in Canadians labs which specialized on this area. The most employed ones are lavender and rose, known in the massage world as relaxation providers. Likewise, with every massage, oils are chosen according to the client’s needs. Nonetheless, whether if it is a frequently employed technique by many Canadians, it requires a previous knowledge of the client’s allergies to avoid any complications.

One last massage therapy technique to point out is the Hot Stone Massage. As the name implies, it requires the use of warm stones that when placed on specific points of the body, achieve incredible relaxation results. Canadians clinics usually use volcanic rocks like basalt which retain heat very well. This technique is used for those clients which can’t handle deep pressure massages.

There are many more techniques and procedures, however these are the most commonly demanded by Canadian clients. Whether if it is Swedish, shiatsu, Hot Stone, deep tissue, Thai or aromatherapy massage therapy, all of them have the mission of providing comfort to the clients. Hire a professional therapist to know which one is the perfect match for you.

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