The Importance of Democratizing Healthcare Universally


It is the 21st century and healthcare is still not easily accessible to those who either live in third world countries or are just not earning enough to afford healthcare in general. It doesn’t take extensive research for one to realize that staying healthy is one of the most expensive things in today’s day and age. There are plenty of sources that you might come across that are quick to judge the diet that you consume on a day to day basis, but there aren’t enough sources that could help you make your diet healthier by providing you with food that is considered to be healthy or good for your immune system.

It is ironic how to stay healthy; one must eat right, and go for regular checkups. However, eating healthy isn’t cheap, and healthcare services are not accessible to individuals that might struggle to afford it. Thus, if you aren’t rich, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life or even a healthy mind. Luckily, some companies are taking the initiative to bring about a change in the world.

The United Nation

The UN has set several goals to ensure that by the year 2030, the rate of poverty is brought to an all-time low in order to ensure that the world is a better place for all. Of course, these goals are not easy to accomplish, but there is still a lot of time to the year 2030, so there certainly is a lot of hope. These goals are supported by various other companies that share the same mission statement as the UN.


“Our global vision to democratize healthcare is great and our local vision is as important as well. Our local vision is to create positive regional growth in the area of healthcare for the benefit of all people and the whole country. Our ambition is that the Municipality of Norrtälje can attract and improve new knowledge from neighboring regions with enhanced entrepreneurship.”

This is the mission statement of the uniquely designed company called BraineHealth AB. Not only does the team at BraineHealth work dynamically in hopes of democratizing healthcare globally, but BraineHealth has also introduced many different brands to make it easier for all to access healthcare on a daily basis, taking full advantage of the technological progression in the world. Here are some apps:


Diabetio is an assistant application suite with consists of a Diabetio Companion designed for adults, and a Diabetio Buddy designed for children. The entire personal suite package includes other apps, such as Diabetio CarbCalc and Diabetio Teacher. All apps are designed to help Diabetes patients in various ways.


Diagnosio was launched recently, in 2018, by BraineHealth AB, and is an app that features virtual doctors who provide a diagnosis based solely on medical symptoms entered by the users, and other data such as their gender and age. There is also a feature that alerts doctors in case of emergencies.

Moreover, taking all of these things into account can help one understand that the democratization of healthcare is not very far and that it won’t be long before every human being is given access to free healthcare.

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