Health is very important for everybody, no matter male or female. Today, let me talk about the health of male, which is highly concerned nowadays. Male has played an important role in the society so they need to concern more on their health. The following eight foods can help males looks young.


The advantages of taking nuts is that it contains high quantity of dietary fiber, protein and it can slower the speed of getting older of the cells and help with the heart. But it contains relatively high quantity of fat, we should only eat a suitable quantity of nuts. Many experts think that we should not eat more than two ounce of almonds, peanuts, walnuts,and hazelnuts.


It is good for heart if we take more beans. It contains insoluble fiber and they can lower the quantity of cholesterol. It also contains soluble fiber so that it can help with removing wastes in our bodies. Moreover, beans contain protein, carbohydrate, Magnesium and Potassium. Many experts suggest that we should eat more than 3 times of bean weekly.


Kiwi is known as the king of fruits and it contains high quantity of nutrient. One kiwi can provide you daily need of Vitamin C. Moreover, it is rich in Vitamin A, plant fiber and Potassium. It is easy to eat it. Just cut it into two half and use a spoon to help with eating it!

Dry fruits

Many dried fruits such as dried pineapple, dried apricots contains the same quantity of Vitamin, only water is removed. They also contain many minerals such as Iron and Potassium. The quantity of sugar in dried fruits is lower than normal one so that it is not easy to become fat if we eat them and that is why it is a type of good snacks.

This type of vegetable is common and delicious. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K which can help with the growth of bones. Carotene can be usually found in some plants in yellow such as carrots and oranges, but we can find a lot in broccoli too.


Low-fat yogurt is our best choice as it is rich in Calcium, many type of Vitamin, protein and Potassium. Moreover, Probiotics in yogurt can keep the balance of flora in our bodies. If you do not like taking yogurt, skimmed milk and cheese is also a good choice. Dairy product contains most of the nutrition that we need and in well balance.


Many researches show that eating one egg in daily breakfast not only would not increase the quantity of cholesterol in our bodies, it also help us to absorb less calories so we can loss weight. Eggs provide high quality of protein and it also contains 12 type of vitamins and minerals and Vitamin B can also help to improve our memories.


Papaya 250g
Cut it into slides and put it into 1000g of rice wine or white wine that contain low quantity of alcohol. Drink it after two weeks. Drink twice a day and 15ml of the drink for each time. Take it for at least two weeks and it can improve the health condition of your kidney and alleviate physical dysfunction of male.

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