The efficient therapy to reduce any kinds of pains in the body

efficient therapy

Diseases are the unavoidable factors that affect each and every living creature in this world; there are some kinds of diseases that are curable whereas the other kinds of diseases are not curable. Similarly pains are the next worst thing that is affecting almost all the people from the children to the adults. There are a lot of pains that include ear pain, head ache, knee pain, back pain and so on. These sorts of pains are completely intolerable but are mostly curable which involves some special therapies, in the recent times. The medical industry is doing a lot of researches in treating the worse cases in which the patients are suffering from. One among the highly advanced treatments that is used for solving the health issues especially the pains is the neuromuscular shockwave therapy rehabilitation treatment. This treatment is usually carried on for those who are suffering from the neuromuscular disorders. The treatment usually involves the guidance under the ultrasound therapy in addition to the rehabilitation treatments that include the eccentric training as well as the biomechanical correction.

What does the technology is all about?

The shockwave therapy or otherwise called the extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a kind of non invasive treatment that involves the passing of acoustic waves on the part of the body that is injured. This waves help in reducing the pain in that particular injured body part and also help in promoting the healing process. This shock wave therapy is similar to the process which is used for breaking down kidney stone. The therapy is used for the various types of treatments that are as follows:

Decreasing the pain:

This therapy helps in promoting the blood flow to a particular part of the body, this increase in the blood flow rate help in increasing the energy level of the body. This even helps in loosening the muscles and also the interactions between the myosin and actin. These processes are also helpful in reducing the muscle tension and also in reducing the pain of the body that is injured.

Dispersion of the neuropeptide:

This therapy helps in dispersing the substance P which is called the neuropeptide of the body and also it works as a transmitter as well as the modulator for the communication between the nerves. The neuropeptide substance is usually helpful in modulating the inflammation that is present in the injured part of the body. Therefore, with the help of the therapy, the secretion of the histamine can be increased, which leads to the decrease in the pain on the affected area and also in reducing the risks of developing retention of fluid.

Increases the production of collagen content:

The collagen is the protein that is present in the connective tissues inside the body, these protein substances works together in promoting the elasticity as well as the flexibility of the skin. In addition to these, collagen helps in repairing the damaged ligaments in the body structure. Hence the pain can be reduced by using this therapy which promotes the production of collagen content in the body which further helps in promoting the process of healing.

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