How to Clean Yellow Teeth

Yellow Teeth

Do you have yellow teeth? Tobacco, the passage of time, or the buildup of tartar can cause your tooth enamel to break down and appear a more yellowish tone than it normally is. Betting on a deep cleansing of the mouth will be vital to improve your smile and extreme hygiene in this area of ​​the body that is so susceptible to be affected by bacteria but also the cleanings will also help you take care of the enamel and look a smile White and perfect.

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In this article of HOW we will find out how to clean your yellow teeth so that you take into account a series of tips and habits that will help you to have some precious teeth again.

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A good cleaning routine

In order to show a perfect smile, it is important that you maximize your hygiene habits so as to eliminate any bacteria or dirt that may affect your enamel. You have to know that there are some factors that can cause your teeth to look more yellow than normal, such as tobacco, time, some medicines, etc., can modify the tone of your enamel and make it See darker.

For this reason, it is important that you know that to clean the yellow teeth we will not only bet on a normal cleaning routine, but also incorporate into our habits some practices that are aimed at teeth whitening and get the maximum brightness.

But first of all, it will be essential that you know how to care for your teeth so they are in perfect condition. Thus, a good dental routine includes the following factors:

Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day to include when you wake up, after eating and before bed, after dinner. If you can, it is also recommended that the laves after breakfast to remove leftover food or dirt that may end up accumulating.

In order, not to damage your enamel or the health of your gums it is recommended that the brushes be soft bristles that will remove any dirt but protecting the health of this area of ​​the body.

In addition to brushing your teeth, you will also have to brush your gums and tongue to get rid of any bacteria that may have accumulated in your mouth.

Flossing is recommended before going to bed to remove any food that may not have been removed with the toothbrush. In HOW we tell you how to floss properly.

It is also advisable to use mouthwash with fluoride to kill bacteria that may be in the mouth and thus enjoy a fresher breath and a fully disinfected mouth.

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Bicarbonate for whiter teeth

But, as we have already pointed out, if you want to learn how to clean your yellow teeth, besides betting on basic hygiene habits, we will have to incorporate into our routine a series of habits that aim to whiten the enamel and, Yellow tint that can affect our appearance.

Among all home remedies for yellow teeth we must talk about baking soda as one of the most effective to achieve our goal. The reason is that this compound has a bleaching effect and also contains antibacterial properties that will eliminate any agent that may affect our oral health.

Therefore, to take advantage of all these benefits, we will only have to mix 1 tablespoon of this bicarbonate and dilute it in a glass with a bite of water. Remove until you get a thick paste, then, smear your toothbrush with this paste and brush your teeth as you usually do. Do this procedure every night before bed and you will see, little by little, your teeth are whiter.

Apple vinegar for teeth whitening

Another of the best remedies for getting whiter teeth is to take advantage of the properties of apple vinegar , a product that also has whitening properties and will eliminate bacteria that can accumulate in the oral cavity. However, it is recommended that you do not abuse in your use because the vinegar is very rich in acid and, therefore, could end up damaging the health of our gums or teeth.

It is recommended that you use it twice a week to eliminate the accumulated dirt, but without endangering your dental health. To include vinegar in your dental hygiene you will only have to mix a little of this vinegar with the same amount of water and then mix it with the toothpaste that you use regularly. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes so that the properties of vinegar penetrate your enamel and, little by little, you will notice improvement.

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Clean yellow teeth with sage

Sage is a plant that can be used as a tooth whitener because it cleans the teeth in depth, but also has whitening properties that will make your smile show as never before. To take advantage of these benefits, it is enough to take sage leaves and, directly, the rubs on your teeth (that is, first having washed the leaves to eliminate possible bacteria or dirt); This treatment you can do it every night before bed, after having washed your teeth.

But you can also do it differently, such as making an infusion of sage and rinsing your mouth by gargling every night before bed. In this way, you also take advantage of the whitening properties of this plant and you can clean your yellow teeth so that they become whiter over time.

In this other article of HOW we tell you how to use sage to whiten your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Foods

In addition to these tricks to clean the yellow teeth, it is advisable to bet on a diet rich in water and nutrients that can eliminate excess tartar and take care of the health of your teeth. There are some foods that also make teeth bleaching because they act as powerful cleansers that eliminate any accumulated dirt and bet on a healthier mouth. Here’s a list of the best foods you can incorporate into your diet:

Raw vegetables: Celery or carrot are some of the vegetables to incorporate into your dental hygiene routine because they are rich in water and get rid of dirt, in addition, also have whitening properties that will improve your enamel

Apple: This is one of the best fruits you can incorporate into your diet because it is very rich in water and therefore polishes your teeth and gums making your teeth much healthier. In addition, it manages to increase the production of saliva something that contributes to reduce the bad breath. In this other article of HOW we tell you how to fight bad breath with home remedies.

Strawberries: this fruit is also ideal for getting clean the yellow teeth and get the teeth to be whiter and in perfect condition. The reason is that it is rich in malic acid, an enzyme that protects the oral health to the maximum.

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