Teeth Makeover Northampton MA Made Easier with Cosmetic Dentistry


Considering the power of a smile, people are ready to do anything to attain a beautiful smile, which can attract others. Smiles do have some magic to do, which may happen in just a flash of a second, but can leave a mark in others’ mind for long. For those who want to attain such a smile, teeth makeover Northampton MA will help.

What makes a smile so charming? the front teeth of course. Teeth are the true personality of a beautiful smile. Once if can successful cover any imperfections of the front teeth, then no matter what your other features are, you smile will surely get noticed in the crowd.

Here comes the importance of cosmetic dentistry. The procedures in it can deliver the most astonishing and life-changing effects over your teeth. Attaining a fresh and astonishing smile is much easier to attain now in just two or three visits, whereas in the past you had to undergo at least a dozen of visits to get it done.

Nowadays, even the most uneven teeth structures can be easily straightened without any need for uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces and other complicated procedures. The expert cosmetic dentists can assess your situation and suggest the best treatment possible and accomplish it with the help of advanced technology and tools.

Smile makeover

If you have chipped, decayed, or discolored teeth, smile makeover is an ideal treatment to adopt. There are various procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry, which you can choose according to your condition.

Dentists may suggest veneers, tooth implants, bonding, or comprehensive tooth whitening to restore the shape and shine of the teeth. If you have extensive teeth damage, you can also consider a full mouth makeover.

What to consider?

There are a few things to consider before planning for a teeth makeover southampton MA procedure;

  • Appearance of your face.
  • Shape your teeth and color.
  • Facial skin color
  • Hair color
  • Dimensions of the teeth as its height, width, length etc.
  • Nature and shape of your gums.
  • Shape and size of your lips etc.
  • The nature of your gums
  • The shape and size of your lips etc.

All these aspects will be assessed in detail to plan the actual look and feel of your smile to be achieved. Prior to the procedure, the dentist will also conduct a detailed interview with you to identify your priorities.


Here is a list of common procedures involved in complete smile make over procedures, which may vary from case to case based on the specific conditions and the results to be achieved.

  • Whitening of the stained or discolored teeth
  • Straightening of overlapping teeth
  • Straightening of crooked or dislocated teeth
  • Getting the gaps between the teeth closed
  • Chipped teeth repaired
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Correcting uneven teeth heights by shortening or lengthening to attain a uniform appearance
  • Replacing any unsightly metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings
  • Elimination of any gummy smile.

Not only gaining a confident smile, but a teeth makeover southampton MA can also help improve your oral health. Decayed teeth are removed in this procedure and replaced with implants. Chipped teeth and scar tissues are also removed from the inner mouth, which all helps in overall oral hygiene and health.

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