Take legal actions against the Truvada manufacturers for health injuries

Truvada is very much in use nowadays as an option to improve your quality of life. Other than this, the medicine is used for prevention of symptoms of HIV or AIDS. It is used in conjunction with HIV. It is not a remedy for HIV positive patients. But it can be helpful to minimize the illness for them. But sometimes, the use of Truvada takes a wrong turn and the users want to take legal action against the company.

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Why Truvada?

Truvada can be used by any HIV-negative person too. Mainly, it is used as a preventive measure to get away from the fatal disease. Truvada is used on the person who has a tendency to become positive, like the ones having unprotected sex, having an infection of STD, actively abuse alcohol, etc. People partnering with a HIV-Positive patient should also be given the medicine to stay safe from the curb of the deadly disease.

For the positive patients with HIV, the medicine will only have a better effect when you have it with the other dedicated medicines. In fact, Truvada also contains two medications for HIV along with other elements. Both emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) are members of medicines for HIV. The drug got its approval to be used commercially in the year 2002.

Injuries or Side effects

The regular use of the drug causes some definite injuries to the health of the users. The drugs can harm your health in various sections like

  • Kidney issues- use of Truvada can cause several kinds of injuries to your kidney such as acute kidney harms, chronic kidney diseases, kidney failure, renal failure, or other related nephritic injuries. All of these can cause a huge damage to your health and you may have to undergo other severe treatment regarding that.
  • Bone issues- several injuries like fractures, osteoporosis, osteopenia, osteomalacia, or other orthopedic injuries can be the consequence of using Truvada. If one of these occurs, you may not be able to stand again on your feet in future.

All these issues became a reason for the earlier users to raise a question against the manufacturer company. As a medicine producer, they must have tested Truvada better for its side effects. But now they have only the option to change the components. On the other hand, the users can consult with the relevant lawyers and walk ahead with Truvada Lawsuit. The users can demand for compensation and even ban the medicine. The experts from the medical field should take the matter seriously. As Truvada helps a lot in medical practice, it is certainly not allowed to harm, in other ways. There must be some way-out and the lawsuit will lead to that. The users are bound to get justice in this situation. Their conditions should be taken seriously.

Users go to the path of law, only when they feel that the issue should be scrutinized in a proper way. Otherwise, Truvada, in name of precaution will continue to affect others’ health. The other users still having it without any side effect will get alarmed and avoid until the court announces the judgment for better.

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