Step up, Glow, and Glam with the Following Anti-Aging Procedures

Anti-Aging Procedures

Aging does not mean that you should walk down the lane with a bruised self-esteem. A combination of diet and medical cosmetics will give your skin a healthy glow that will revive your beauty and heighten your self-confidence. Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics experts in cosmetics surgery will help you look and feel better about yourself with their integrated treatment plans tailored to meet your desired beauty goals.

Some of the available solutions to rid your face of wrinkles and creases include:

Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers are recommended if you want to rid yourself of wrinkles, sagging skin, and facial creases without having to go for surgery. Used to increase the weight to the areas that have lost their volume, the fillers injected in your skin will give you a smoother, younger look. Depending on your choice of filler, your skin will regain its elasticity and glow, reinstating your face’s natural plump.


Botox is a wrinkle-reduction treatment injected into your skin to minimize the noticeable lines and creases on various areas of your face. Derived from a purified neurotoxin, Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles that make your face have wrinkles when you smile, squint, or frown. Your surgeon will advise you to go for Botox treatment when you have:

  • Worry lines between your eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Horizontal forehead creases

Though individuals above 18 years old are eligible for Botox, the treatment can also be done on younger individuals with minimal wrinkles to soften their facial impressions’ intensity and delay the onset of wrinkles.

Body Contouring

Certain stubborn body fats will not budge with diet and exercise. When you realize that your thighs and belly have deposits despite a lifestyle change, it is time you discussed body contouring treatment options with your cosmetics surgeon. Most effective if you have a normal weight or close to the desired weight, body contouring will destroy fat cells in various areas of your body. These areas include:

  • Beneath your chin
  • Love handles
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Back

Face Procedures

Face procedures are the various treatment options your doctor will suggest to correct your facial imperfections, enhance your appearance, and boost your confidence. Face procedures include treatments like:

  • Rhinoplasty. Apart from correcting restricted breathing, a nose job also improves your facial proportions.
  • Facelift. A facelift corrects the deep creases between your mouth and nose. Additionally, the treatment also reverses your slack jawline giving you sharp contours.
  • Brow/Forehead lift. This lift eliminates your eyes’ tired appearance, the creases on your forehead, or your nose’s bridge.
  • Neck lift. The procedure that reduces excess skin and fat from your neck and chin will eliminate the visible aging signs on your jawline and neck.
  • Eyelift. The procedure is recommended if you have full or puffed-up eyes and sagging skin around your eyes.

Aging is no longer a boring lane, thanks to various available treatment options to rid yourself of wrinkles, facial creases, and sagging skin. You have a right to age gracefully with heightened self-esteem. For more inquiries on your treatment options, contact the experts at Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics today.

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