Spider Veins – What Causes Spider Veins and How Can You Treat Them?

Spider veins are light spider web-like veins that are caused due to various reasons. However, they do not cause any severe effects or pain. Spider veins can cause discomfort or slight irritation in the affected area. They appear primarily red and are not as severe as varicose veins. You can reduce the irrigation and get the vein to look ordinary by various procedures that are harmless.

There are numerous Venice spider veins specialists available for your care that can help you with your diagnosis, you can have an appointment whenever you are in need.


Spider veins are primarily seen in women rather than men. The reason can be genetic or due to the pressure caused while giving birth. However, there are various other causes of spider veins as follows:

  • Obesity can be a significant cause of spider veins as more pressure is applied on the legs resulting in vein damage
  • Age factor can also lead to spider veins as with age, our veins get weaker, resulting in improper blood circulation in veins.
  • Prolonged sitting or standing can also result in spider veins, as it gets difficult to pump the blood when you are in the same position for an extended period.
  • Damaged veins due to an injury can also result in spider veins because your veins become stretched during the incident.
  • Changes in hormones help in building more blood inside your vein walls that can also cause spider veins.


Treating spider veins can depend on how severe your condition is. It can be different for everyone.

Some can treat spider veins at home by using self-care tips like:

  1. Regular exercise.
  2. Change in movement.
  3. Elevating legs while sitting for a more extended period.
  4. Weight maintenance.
  5. Avoiding fitted clothes.
  6. Avoiding crossing of legs.

If your condition does not improve with the home remedies, you may need specialized therapies performed by a vein specialist.

Some of them include:


It is one of the popular procedures in which you are injected with adequate liquids that help the veins fade away. Make sure you consult a trusted specialist for this procedure.


Some people undergo surgery to eliminate the appearance of the views. This is mainly done due to cosmetic reasons. In this procedure, they cut a small area and remove the indents from the skin through a laser. Other procedures like endovenous lasers can also be performed.

All these procedures are performed by a skilled professional.

Spider legs can be treated in various ways. It is essential that you properly examine your requirements and take appropriate measures accordingly.

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