Put On Your Boxing Gloves to Stay in Shape

You don’t have to learn to box to become the next heavyweight champ of the world. You can also take up boxing to show off a slim physique. Boxing is just one of those fitness trends that will not fade. Fortunately, today new boxing franchises are springing up, thereby making the sport inviting for everyone.

What You Need to Possess

As a sport, boxing necessitates a high level of athletic ability. A person who takes up boxing must show strength, agility, good hand-eye coordination, speed, nerve, and endurance. As a fitness activity, boxing permits the average person to develop this skillset.

Cardio Benefits

Not only that, but when you take up boxing you enhance your cardiovascular health. A good boxing workout safeguards you from heart disease, burns excess calories, and helps you maintain your weight. Boxing fits the bill perfectly as the whole idea behind cardio is to place just enough stress on the heart and lungs to make them work harder. As long as you keep your heart rate at a higher pace during a workout you can punch, jump, or kick your way to a healthier heart.

A Stronger Physique

Buying a set of boxing gloves will also lead to a stronger body. All that jumping and kicking takes a surprising level of strength. Most of the bags used for boxing weigh at the minimum 40 kilograms. In fact, during a boxing workout you may kick or punch a bag as much as a hundred times, which requires that you use your upper body, lower body, and core. Plus, most of the boxing gyms add other strength-training routines. For example, workouts may include planks, push-ups, and weighted medicine ball activities.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

If you partake in regular boxing workouts, you will also develop better hand-eye coordination. Whilst you might not associate good hand-eye coordination with health, it does impact your well-being. Good hand-eye coordination leads to better gross and fine motor skills. Therefore, you will experience faster reaction times and reflexes. You also tend to have increased physical coordination by practicing boxing regularly.

Get Rid of Stress

Needless to say, when you are punching a bag you will also reduce your level of stress. Taking on this kind of workout increases the feel-good hormones called endorphins that lead to a better mood and improved sleep. Boxing allows you to sweat out any anxiety or frustrations in the gym.

Therefore, boxing is an ideal outlet for stress. First, those high-intensity bouts and moderate recovery periods don’t leave you much time to think about the annoyances of your job or the tasks around the house. You cannot even stress over a schedule that seems to be overwhelming at best. What’s more, taking your stress out on a punching bag is cathartic, which gives you an added feeling of empowerment.

Boxing is also ideal for enhancing your body’s profile. Losing weight just does not entail losing extra kilograms as you also want to improve the composition of your body. Boxing can help you make this happen if you make it your fitness activity.

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