Problems faced by students affected by APD

auditory processing disorder

APD is the expansion of auditory processing disorder sometimes called central auditory processing disorder. This is nothing but a type of rare hearing problem in the inner ear. Mostly students under the age of five to ten faces this kind of problems. These students don’t have any hearing problem actually. Whatever the sound they hear will not be processed in the correctly that is why it is called processing disorder. There are some problems in the brain network which did not process the input data’s from the ear. These students can effectively work when the sound input reaches slowly and singularly. Their ear functions are as usual normal but they cannot differentiate different sound inputs which cannot be processed immediately. They will be easily distracted because of this problems. Also they cannot understand the speech when someone speaks faster. So they will be slower in reading, speaking and comprehensions. So their academic performance will be poor. But this is not same in other fields. They will extraordinarily great on their own way.

These students always look depressed and willing to spend the time alone. The parents are not to confuse the APD with ADD. The ADD is nothing but attention deficient disorder. These two are completely different. The later one is psychological problem which has nothing to do with APD. Often people think of the later one. They will get treated by the psychological professionals instead of an audiologist. The auditory process disorder students cannot easily learn a new languages. This is because they cannot get the vocabulary due to hearing problem. And they cannot remember what they have heard. So they will be usually demotivated by the teachers inside the classroom. They cannot understand the lengthy class hours and easily get distracted. So teachers should not talk faster and should be told about the hearing issue to not demotivated among the rest of the people.

How to diagnosis APD?

The people who suffered from APD will be a slow leaner and takes time to comprehend what is heard. Sometimes they will ask to repeat the things two to three times to comprehend what is said. There is no medical surgery or pills for it. The only way to diagnosis is by team of people who asks the people variety of questions and multitasking speeches and identifies what is the specific problem. Each and every person may be suffered from different reason. In the same way there are many APD problems. It will be identified by the team and then treated for the particular problems. Mostly the problem is due to environment noise so that they cannot understand what the persons saying. So by bringing down the environment to silence or the teachers can teach them separately in another class room can encourage the student learn better. The therapy for auditory processing disorder can diagnosed for people of age above 7 to 8. At this age only, they can comprehend easily and the brain function will be average.

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