Pregnancy a story in a woman’s life


Gestational characteristics

Pregnancy is very much process to work out for. It takes about 9 months a mother to deliver her child. And along this nine months the bay grows and the that growth is literally for a small single celled fetus to a multi-cellular and also multi-organellar system full all of the internal organs have already grown and are at a basic stage. However this 9 months is very much painful for the mother too. It is very much obvious that when a body is growing inside another body problem will occur and these problems are very much different from the normal body problems that are faced by the woman. The body of woman also prepares in a different way to deal with such sort of situations. Thus there are a lot of changes that happens in a woman body in this time. And this changes are very much required ads because of this changes a woman will be able to withstand these 9 long months so that they will be able to give birth to a very beautiful as well as healthy baby. Along with that the woman also need to take care of her in best possible way and must not indulge in any sort of things that will cause the problem in any chance.


Contraction is one of the problem that happens in the woman’s body which she experiences after a certain period of gestation at a regular time interval. Thus it is very common for each and every woman who at one time became pregnant. Contraction is nothing but a stretchy feeling that is experienced by the woman when they are in an appropriate stage of growth. This contraction happens mainly due to the presence of the contraction specific hormones as well as other hormones which increases in its function as well as secretion in a greater amount. It is specifically found the estrogen, one of the important hormone of the human female body system, and due to its increased activity, causes the problem of contraction. Now this contraction reveal many important biological effects. Certainly it is good to have such effects as it probes that the baby is growing in a normal as well as also in a good health condition. Thus doctors advises each of the pregnant lady to use baby contraction timer so that they can keep the record of when it is happening as well as for what time it is happening. Those timers are also fitted with record keeping system as well. So in a way it is very useful.

Regular checkups

It is advised the pregnant woman must visit the doctor each and every week as checkup and proper diagnosis is required at each and every step so that problem can dealt with from before if happens.


The woman are also advised to use calendar of pregnancy week by week so that they will be able to predict as well as know the future and the present condition respectively. This will be very helpful for them as a calendar will help to reduce the level of anxiety.

The grace of the girls

In spite of all the problems it is very much with all of grace and happiness woman deliver her baby. thus we should properly take care of the girls as without life won’t be possible in Earth.

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