Paint your nails with perfection


Applying nail color at home is a tricky attempt, therefore it would be more suitable to have salon manicured nails but it’s not economical. A manicure treatment at home is not incomparable but right preparation of nails, cleanliness and good quality polish will make your nails look professional and can last up to a week.

With a little training and some tips, you will be able to apply nail polish flawlessly. Just follow some of the tips and tricks mentioned below to have homebased professional results

  1. Trimming Nails

Before painting your nails, it is important that you form the shape of the nails you want. Trim your nails to the length that you desire and smooth out the edges. It will help you achieve a nice-looking, polished look. While filing your nails, make sure to make your nail file in one direction.

  1. Buffing

In order to achieve a polished look, buff your nails by using a four-way buffer. You should at least buff your nails once in a month, But if your nails are not rough than you can increase the time duration between your nails buffing.

  1. Cleaning

Before applying nail polish, it is important that your nails are free from old nail polish and dirt. Clean your hands with water and soap after that swipe it with cotton balls. It is required to dry your nails before applying nail polish otherwise it won’t go smoothly.

  1. Good quality nail polish

The most significant step is to choose a good quality nail polish. The cheaper the polish is, the less quality it gives. There are a number of supply manufacturer of nail polish who can provide you a good quality nail polish that will make your procedure better.

  1. Application of base coat

After preparing your nails, apply a base coat that will make your nail polish last longer. Use a good quality base coat and apply a thin layer of it before applying nail polish. Make sure you dry out your base coat before the nail color.

  1. Layers of nail polish

Apply nail polish in layers of two. Let the first layer dry before you apply the second one. Also make sure to apply it in three strokes, one in the middle and other two at the two opposite side.

  1. Removal of Smudges

There are some left smudges around the nails that are left over during the application of nail polish. Swipe and clean it in just two steps:

  1. By dipping your old makeup brush in the nail polish remover
  2. Carefully removing the leftover smudges with that brush

Key Tip: Avoid using old nail colors. Instead use the fresh ones for better results. Also, don’t keep your nails in water for a longer time as it make your nails dry.

Now, your home done professionally manicured hands will surely draw a lot of attention. Keep following and keep shinning. Your nails are now ready to show. Best of Luck!

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